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Ford Endeavour | The True-Blue American SUV of India

Ford Endeavour. The name speaks for itself.

The heavy muscular SUV has come a long way. Whether it’s the looks on the outside or the performance under the bonnet, the car has performed quite well.

In the last few years, Ford has ensured that the Endeavour turns out to be ‘the SUV’ of the Indian markets. Has it been successful in doing that? Let’s find out.

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Engine | Ford Endeavour

Ford Endeavour
Ford Endeavour

The 2020 Ford Endeavour has one massive diesel engine on offer. The 1996 cc 2.0 litre Ecoloube engine generates 167 bhp of power. What impresses the most is the massive 420 Nm torque. The engine of the new Endeavour is quite compact, contrary to what most of us would think.

All the models of the car come mated with a 10-speed automatic gearbox on offer, which makes the things quite more interesting.

Driving Experience | Ford Endeavour

The new 2.0-litre engine makes things interesting when one gets behind the wheels. In comparison to the preceding 6 shift automatic gearbox, the Ford Endeavour has come a long way. The gearbox’s response is quicker in the 2020 BS6 version.

The kick of the power is rather more gradual than sudden. As you flatten the pedal, the engine takes some revs to build up the required revs. The 10-speed gearbox makes you outstretch your own limits. The gearbox allows you to skip gears and move to say from 2nd to 5th. While you can take the matter in your hands as well, with the manual buttons. Ford has even claimed that the new 10-speed gearbox aids in improving the mileage by up to 14 %.

The suspensions are modified a bit, which makes it lose its dynamic characteristics, like in the previous model. The bigger bumps are not felt inside the cabin to some extent, due to the retuning of the suspension.

Exterior | Ford Endeavour

Ford Endeavour
Ford Endeavour

Ford did take the phrase – “it’s all about the inner beauty” a tad bit too seriously. The car has surely come a long way from its Ranger design which sort of made the Ford Endeavour look like a beefed-up station wagon.

However, we think that a design update is not fairly necessary for now. The muscular front and thee bigger grille have been taken well by the Indian customers. Ford might have decided to let that design sink in with the consumers for now. The BS6 version comes with a minor change in the headlamp setup. And that’s it.

Interiors | Ford Endeavour

Ford Endeavour Interiors
Ford Endeavour Interiors


The story’s quite similar on the inside. Apart from a few minor changes, the car hasn’t seen a major upgrade in many aspects. There is a lot of familiar stuff which you will recall from the older Endeavour.

The only change that’s conspicuous enough is the gear lever. Similarly, the backseats are comfortable enough as always. The backrest is adjustable for your own preference or for the person sitting in the last row. The panoramic sunroof does make the cabin look more roomier and brighter. There hasn’t been a compromise on luxury and comfort for the passengers at the back.

3rd row of the Endeavour might not be the best place to be at. The place does feel a bit cramped up all in all.

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Toyota Fortuner: Valid Competiton
Toyota Fortuner: Valid Competiton

The Ford Endeavour has always been pitched against Toyota’s Fortuner. Both the cars, have very similar characteristics and keep the consumers confused among both of them.

How does the Ford Endeavour stand against the Toyota Fortuner?

Car Price Engine Power Mileage Torque Transmission
Ford Endeavour ₹29.55 Lakhs onwards 1996cc 167 PS 13.9 kmpl 420 10 Speed Automatic
Toyota Fortuner ₹27.83 Lakhs onwards 2755 cc 174.5 PS 15.4 kmpl 420 6 Speed Automatic


While the 2.0-litre diesel performs the job adequately, the previous 3.2-litre will surely be missed. However, the thing that must be noted here is that the 2.2-litre was anyway, the volume-driver for the Endeavour. So, it is expected that it might not hamper the sales volume.

Moreover, Ford has given consideration to the fact that the owners of vehicles in this segment prefer to drive as well as to be driven around. Hence, the performance might’ve been compromised a bit, comfort and luxury are the same.

Will it be able to beat the Fortuner? That is a question which truly has no answer to. Both the cars are equally loaded, equally well-built and equally loved. At the end of the day, all of it certainly depends upon the preference of the buyer.

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