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The Cars that BS6 Killed | From Honda to Nissan

Though the government extended the sale of BS4 vehicles after 1st April, the companies didn’t actually get relief. This is because of the conditions along with the extension. But in the end, due to BS6 emission norms, there were some cars which had to be discontinued due to the BS6 norms. Either those don’t have the sales numbers or have been discontinued to be re-launched again with the BS6 compliant engine later.

In no particular order, here are some of the cars which didn’t make it to the new BS6 emission norms.

  1. Fiat Linea

    Fiat Linea
    Fiat Linea

    Inspite of the Fiat’s failure in the Indian market in the early 2000s the company came back with a new line-up one in 2009. Well, yet again it was very difficult for them to make a mark in the market. Though the Fiat’s try was commendable. Fiat Linea came with only one engine option. It was the 1.3-litre multijet diesel producing 88hp of power and about 200Nm of peak torque. The motor came with a 5-speed manual transmission.

  2. Fiat Punto

    "Honda BR-VHonda BR-VThe Honda Brio’s platform was so versatile that it gave birth to not just 2 cars but 4 including itself. Honda BR-V is just the beefed-up version of the existing MPV Mobilio. Thought the car did great in the Indian market it wasn’t up to the company’s expectations. Maybe because of the lack of some features in the 7seater MPV.

  3. Honda Accord Hybrid

    Honda Accord Hybrid
    Honda Accord Hybrid

    I have no clue why even Honda Tried the new Accord with the Hybrid. It was a good try but the company bought the car as a CBU unit making things worse. The funny part is the car Honda Accord was priced at around ₹44.28 Lakhs (ex-showroom). For reference, one can buy a BMW 330i Sport for ₹41.07 Lakhs. Which is way more luxurious, and way more powerful. Talking about the Hybrid its closest rival Toyota Camry was offered for way less.

  4. Nissan Micra

    Nissan Micra | 10 Worst Selling Cars
    Nissan Micra

    The car was introduced back in 2010 with BS4-compliant petrol as well as a diesel engine. The petrol engine was a 1.2-litre producing 76ho and about 104Nm of peak torque. On the other hand the 1.5 -litre diesel motor produced 63hp and nearly 160Nm of peak torque. For starting the car did well in the market but later declined in sales.

  5. Nissan Terrano

    Nissan Terrano
    Nissan Terrano

    This car was another result of the Nissan-Renault joint venture. The SUV was based on the class-leading Renault Duster. Though everything including the powertrain and vehicle dynamics was shared, the interior and the exterior were different. The Nissan was offered with a 1.6-litre petrol engine producing 103hp and about 148Nm of peak torque. On the contrary, the diesel motor was a 1.5-litre capable of producing 108hp and 245Nm of peak torque.

  6. Renault Lodgy

    Renault Loggy
    Renault Loggy

    The French company entered into the 7-seater MPV segment in 2015 with its Lodgy. This car was intended to compete against the class-leading Maruti Suzuki Ertiga. Though the Renault Lodgy offered a good powerful engine and decent interior with a fairly long list of features, it didn’t make a good impact in the market.

  7. Mitsubishi Pajero Sport

    Mitsubishi Pajero sport
    Mitsubishi Pajero sport

    The full-grown SUV from the Japenese manufacturer was a CBU unit, Hence was priced a bit high. Initially, the company had raised a request to the government to extend the sales of BS4 vehicles. But now the company decides to take its lineup back as there is no car on the website. Not even any dealership or service centre exists online for that matter.

  8. Skoda Octavia

    The 2020 Škoda Octavia Is Here!
    The 2020 Škoda Octavia

    The renowned sedan from the Czech car manufacturer has seen a lot of success. But for now, the company Skoda decides to pull the plug on their Octavia. It might be launched later. As the new Octavia VRS is ready for deliveries at the dealerships.

  9. Tata Safari

    Third Generation Safari (2007-2012)
    Third Generation Safari

    The home-grown SUV from Tata served the Indian market for a little over 2 decades. The car was launched back in 1998 to make a mark as a grown SUV capable of going on roads and no roads. We’ll it can be said that Tata might bring it back with a BS6 compliant engine later after the Gravitas’s launch.

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