Hatchback vehicle market now has expanded beyond our wildest imaginations. From the unveiling of Maruti 800 in 1983, hatchbacks have always remained India’s go-to car. After Maruti 800 was rolled out, the carmaker sold around 25 lakh units of this hatchback throughout the country. To this day hatchbacks continue being India’s favourite car.

In India, hatchbacks are more sought-after than sedans and SUVs. Nowadays, hatchback cars come in all shapes and sizes. Presently, we have an impressive array of hatchbacks to choose from.

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Hatchbacks have an upward swinging door that is hinged to the car-top. This rear door opens to the cargo area of the car. Also, the seats at the back can be folded down if you need more space for freight. A typical hatchback can accommodate much more cargo compared to a sedan. In most cases, hatchbacks are relatively cheaper too.

Tata Tiago Diesel
Tata Tiago Diesel

In the country, we can find micro, medium and compact hatchbacks. They come in 3-door or 5-door models as well. Hatchbacks are considered 5-door if they have four passenger doors and a hatch. Along with these, most top brands have their hatchbacks coming out in petrol and diesel variants. Even EV and hybrid options are available nowadays.

The History of Hatchback Cars

Hatchback cars started making an appearance in 20th century France. Taking their cue from this French manufacture, Citroen, top automotive brands from around the world joined the suit in producing these smaller urbane cars. Soon, Aston Martin, Renault, Ford and Nissan were out there designing their own signature model hatchbacks.

Maruti 800 Second Generation
Maruti 800 Second Generation

Maruti 800 was the first-ever hatchback launched in India. Soon after its release in 1983, other indigenous carmakers like Tata along with foreign companies like Hyundai rolled out their own hatchbacks in the country’s market. In 2020 Maruti Suzuki’s Swift, Wagon R and Alto 800 together with hatches like Tata Tiago, Hyundai Grand i10 NIOS and the likes of it form the finest hatches in the country money can buy.

India’s Obsession With Hatchbacks
Hyundai Grand i10 equipped with Hyundai's powerful engine

These days hatchback cars come in elegant designs, compact frame in addition to impressive mileage. Also, they are economical, easy to drive and have a host of safety features too. Top brands launch hatchbacks with the state-of-the-art engineering, topped up with world-class efficiency, and huge versatility. There is no wonder why this love child of a station wagon and sedan lookalike is so popular in India.

Here are some reasons why hatchbacks have won our hearts

  1. Easy on the purse strings

    The most basic hatchback models are outrageously cheap. Ergo, even if you don’t want to be generous with your money, you can still own a hatchback. It simply is the car for everyone. Besides, if you are planning to sell the car someday, hatchbacks can fetch you a good price.

  2. Roomy

    They might be small on the outside, but hatchbacks are often much roomier than a medium-sized sedan. In sedans that come with a lower roofline, passengers seated in the rear might have to resort to slumping. On the other hand, hatchbacks have higher roofs. This roof height can inturn house bulkier cargo. Therefore, even the taller passengers in the rear can sit comfortably. Hatchbacks put small spaces into bigger uses.

  3. Smaller Exterior Dimensions

    Hatchbacks are small on the outside. Since they are diminutive, they can effortlessly make turns, fight through the urban jungle or coast along narrow streets without breaking a sweat. In addition, you won’t have to knuckle down too much to find a parking spot for this small vehicle. Also, they move quickly and easily.

  4. Safety

    When it comes to safety features, hatchbacks have everything a sedan has but with lot less dough. Besides, their built make them as much safe as a sedan. Additionally, hatchback cars have more glass compared to a sedan. This would mean better visibility for the driver.

  5. Lower Fuel Consumption

    Hatchbacks offer great fuel efficiency. Aside from this, with oil prices only going up, superior fuel efficiency comes as a great boon. Hatchbacks sure are the right blend of pragmatism and suave.

If you believe less is more, then there is no denying that hatchbacks are the right car for you.
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Car Sanitizer | Must have things during coronavirus commute
During coronavirus commute

The Economic Times reports that with COVID-19 more and more people have started feeling unsafe using public transport. Now over 74% of the country believes that car ownership is very important. Accordingly, hatchbacks have become more popular than ever before. Thus, market leaders in this segment, Maruti Suzuki and Hyundai Motors are bound to reap the biggest gains.

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