The Japanese carmaker recently showcased its updated Honda Civic Type R in the Tokyo Auto Salon and sadly, its not really different from the earlier version. There are some minor tweaks done and they are not that impressive.

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Honda Civic Type R | Engine Specifications

Being a Type R Civic of this variant is a beast of a car. Its the fastest and the strongest Honda Civic option.

  • Honda Civic Type R features a turbocharged 2.0-litre four-cylinder pumping out 399.9 Nm of Torque.
  • With the strength of 306 horses running it, 271 kph is the max speed it can reach.
  •  Acceleration of 0-95 kph in 5.2.
  • It only comes with one transmission option in the form of 6 Speed manual transmission which drives the front wheels only.
Honda civic type R
The New Civic Type-R

Honda Civic Type R | Interior/Exterior

  • The new Type R will be receiving a new paint colour option called the ‘Boost Blue’ which enhances the look of the car ten times over.
  • A new Active Sound Control system to generate sound inside the car depending on the drive mode selected from Comfort, Sport,+R choices.
  • With a steering wheel wrapped in faux suede and a new gearshift stick knob, the internal changes are limited.

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  • Wheels are also not changed, with 20-Inchers they really add into the race car look they are going for overall.
  • A bigger grille to allow more airflow into the engine.
  • A triple pipe exhaust system in the middle further adds into the race car looks of this sporty hatch even though it makes minimal noise as opposed to how it looks.
Honda civic type R
The New Type-R with the New Boost Blue colour option

Honda Civic Type R | Safety Features

This car is decked with safety features with its brakes taking the centre stage.

  • The braking system of the car is amazing and can bring it to stop from 112 kph in 43 meters
  • Other safety features include automated emergency braking,lane-keeping steering assist, lane-departure warning and adaptive cruise control.

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Just like last time, Honda Civic Type R will most probably not launch in India. It’s possible that the market for this car is limited in India and that’s why Honda doesn’t bother itself with bringing it here.

Do you want to see Honda Civic Type R in India?

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