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Here is How to Actually use your Car Hazard Lights

A vehicle running on the road is subjected to a lot of risks. For that, the cars are equipped with many simple and high-end safety tech which are a part of active or passive safety. That said, among them which warns or indicates a potential hazard. Yes! these are the ‘Hazards Lights’. where these lights are fairly simple to use, these are the most misused signals. let us see how to exactly use the Hazards Lights.

Car hazard Triangle
Car hazard Triangle

Before we tell you how to use the lights, let us look at how NOT to use them.

It is quite interesting to see how most of the drivers use the Hazard lights.

  1. There is a huge misconception of using the warning lights during heavy rail or in low visibility. Well, this is something that is really confusing to other drivers.
  2. Turning on hazard lights when entering a dark tunnel is indeed a bad option. Are you serious?
  3. In most of the Indian cars, while running these lights the turn indicators don’t work. (VW group is an exception here). This makes it impossible to indicate when turning or changing lanes out on the highway.
  4. Some awesome people on a crossing turn their hazard lights to indicate that they want to go straight. Like Seriously?

In simple words, it is very unsafe using hazard lights in the above ways or when the car is in motion.

Hazard Light Button
Hazard Light Button

With that clear, let’s look at when to use the hazard lights. 

Long story short, it is not recommended to use these lights when the vehicle is in motion. This includes every possible situation where the car is moving be it bad weather or low visibility. Turning the hazard lights on may lead to many misunderstandings. Under low visibility, one can also assume that the car moving car in front is stationary which is very fatal.

  1. One can use these warning lights when the car is parked safely at the left-most corridor of the highway or any road.
  2. Turning on the hazard is a good idea when changing a flat tyre obviously at the side of the roads.
  3. Indicating a broken vehicle standing on the side is also a fairly good idea. Along with that, it is also recommended to place the hazard triangle on the road.

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A hazard light in a car is a sophisticated and useful button, use it wisely.

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