Every few years, a new brand makes its way into the Indian market in an effort to capture one of the largest markets across the globe. But despite a diverse market, only a few names have actually managed to hold their ground. Talking about brands that rule, Hyundai Motors India Limited is an omnipresent one.

Entering India back in 1996, HMIL made its debut with a vision to deliver its best offering throughout India. Fast forward to 22 years, Hyundai Motor India Limited is now the second-largest manufacturer and the largest exporter of automobiles in India. From its debutant Santro to its upcoming Alcazar, HMIL has given its customers something to cherish over decades. As a brand that has new thinking and new possibilities in its DNA, here are 5 reasons why India goes gaga over Hyundai.

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  1. Customer-Centric Services

    First things first, one thing that makes Hyundai, a highly trusted name is its superior customer service and after-sales support. As India’s second-largest automobile manufacturer, Hyundai’s glorious chain of service support has over 5000 service and retail stations across the nation, which are a one-stop destination for everything Hyundai.

    No matter which vehicle you buy, for Hyundai Motor India Limited you are always a part of the family. In fact, customer satisfaction is so central to Hyundai, that you can travel anywhere in India, with confidence that HMIL will always have your back, even in case of a complete breakdown. This is the reason why HMIL has also been awarded the “Best Customer Service Award” in the year 2012.

    Hyundai Venue | Crash Test
    The Hyundai Venue’s Crash Test
  2. Superior Built Quality

    Despite focusing on the cost aspect quite a lot, we Indians truly care for the safety of your family a lot. This is the reason why vehicle integrity and passenger safety are some of the most crucial things we look out for while purchasing a vehicle. This is where HMIL comes into the picture. Since 1998 Hyundai has committed itself to building vehicles that come with maximum passenger safety and vehicle integrity.

    Hyundai’s signature K2 and K1 platform that underpins a majority of HMIL vehicles are both built with a super body structure frame that uses 50% advanced and high strength steel. Both platforms are therefore more rigid and involve increased use of high strength steel. When compared to other competing manufacturers, Hyundai cars are usually heavier to accommodate a safer chassis. Thus when it comes to build quality, Hyundai has surely proven to do well over the years.

    HMIL’s Glorious Inventory | Image for representation only
  3. Top-Notch Inventory

    A major constrain people often face while purchasing a vehicle from their favourite is a lack of options and segments availability. But with Hyundai Cars, this problem seems to a back seat! Since its very inception, HMIL has catered to consumer demand and adapted itself according to the changing taste and expectations.

    Perhaps this is the reason why HMIL’s first-ever vehicle; the Hyundai Santro was a massive success. Over the years Hyundai has launched several vehicles across all segments. Currently offering 10 vehicles across all different segments, Hyundai has a little something for everyone.

    Hyundai Venue IMT Turbo Interior
    Hyundai Venue IMT’s Interiors
  4. Features that give a sense of luxury

    Choosing a Hyundai Vehicle is not only synonymous with a superb looking vehicle, but also synonymous with a feature-rich offering. Time and again Hyundai has offered some of the leading segment-first features across all segments in India.

    Be it ventilated seats, or auto headlamps, HMIL has always incorporated the best. Probably this is the reason why different cars from HMIL have been awarded the prestigious “Indian Car of the Year” as many as 6 times; a feat never achieved by any other automobile manufacturer in India. Enough said! Isn’t it?

  5. Better Resale Value

    Last but definitely not least, Hyundai is a name that doesn’t disappoint even when you part your ways with it. The fact that HMIL vehicles have better resale value is an attraction that makes millions of consumers opt-in for a Hyundai each year. No wonder why India is going gaga over HMIL.

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