Indians do have a habit of taking things for granted. Whether it’s basic amenities or other stuff, we usually don’t value the things we get. And the same pattern can be seen in the cars we use. Earlier the things that used to fascinate us, don’t get the appreciation they deserve. So readers it’s time to shed light on 5 features that Indians take for granted but can’t live without them.

  1. Multi-Information Display

    5 car features Indians take for granted

    MID or Multi-Information Display is a set of screen and gauges which gives you information about your car like range, servicing reminder etc. It used to be a very happening thing before but slowly it has lost its significance. However, imagine being unaware of your car and relying just on your instincts? Scary!

  2. Seatbelts

    5 car features that Indians take for granted

    They are one of, if not the most important feature in the car, and we hardly see Indians take it into account. They are usually unused and even though govt. has made it mandatory to wear seatbelts by installing sensors, we come up with one trick or another to avoid wearing them. It’s not that big of a deal! Wear them!

  3. Keyless Entry and Go

    5 car features Indians take for granted
    Keyless Entry and Go

    I don’t remember the last time turning my key on for ignition and I’m sure most of our readers don’t remember too. Keyless entry and go has become very common across the range and even though it’s sometimes annoying, it is very hassled free and also saves your engine from damage. So hassle-free that Indians have forgotten about them completely.

  4. Automatic Cruise Control

    5 car features Indians take for granted
    Automatic Cruise Control

    One-touch and you are set! Earlier it used to be considered a luxury feature but now automatic cruise control has become one of the features we don’t really care about. It not only is relaxing to use it on highways, but it also helps fuel efficiency. Give the respect it deserves guys!

  5. Driver Footrest(Dead Pedal)

    5 car features that Indians take for granted
    Dead Pedal

    Saving the best for the last. When was the last time you even thought about that little dead pedal beside your clutch? I guess never. Even though we use it and it’s so beneficial for both you and your vehicle, as it gives your footrest and also prevents you from clutch riding, we never even think about its significance. Forgive us dead pedal!

    So even if you didn’t think about them, I’m sure you will now. These were the 5 car features that Indians take for granted, but can’t live without them. Respect them guys,in times like these, you never know what will happen.

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