We are delighted to report that the global pandemic has not stopped Innovation in India. In these difficult times too, engineers are working hard towards new technology. Well, the latest entry in the Indian automobile industry has to be the Hydrogen-fuel cell. So, With the advancing time, this sector is moving towards project Hydrogenation. This is where many vehicles on the road will be running on Hydrogen as fuel via a fuel cell.

Hydrogen enriched cng in india
Hydrogen enriched CNG in India

Fun Fact: If you are not aware India is *The* largest producer of Hydrogen across the globe. So, driving cars and other vehicles on Hydrogen can impact the environment in a really positive way in the country.

Indian Oil And The Future Hydrogen Plans

Hydrogen Cars
Hydrogen Cars

To start the journey of hydrogen-fuel cell in India, Indian Oil is set to launch around 50 busses.

  • So, these busses will run on hydrogen fuel cell and will run from two sides, from the Panipat (Haryana) refinery and the Gujarat refinery.
  • The work on establishing the infrastructure for the same is already in full swing.
  • Also, Indian Oil plans to launch these busses somewhere around October or November this year.
  • In addition to that, Indian Oil is also working on making the Hydrogen Fuel cell a little more feasible and accessible.
  • Well, currently in India, there are 2 hydrogen fuel stations. One is in Faridabad and the other one is at the Indian Oil’s facility.

India Is Preparing for Alternative Fuel

Hydrogen as Fuel
Hydrogen as Fuel

The Government has been working silently to introduce alternative fuel like Hydrogen. This is to introduce new vehicles running on this fuel.

  • Well, last year in September, the Indian government introduced AIS 157. So, these are safety and other norms that one should follow you register their fuel cell electric vehicle.
  • This means, if any company or an individual decides to build a fuel cell electric vehicle, these are the protocols that are mandatory to follow.
  • One more thing that may interest you is that many automakers in India are looking forward to manufacturing vehicles running on hydrogen.
  • Hyundai and BMW were among the first. To begin with, Hyundai may launch its hydrogen-powered vehicle in India as the infrastructure expands.
  • Now, talking about BMW, they may bring the X5 that also runs on fuel-cell in India next year.

To know more about the Hydrogen fuel cell and how it works: Click Here

Let us know in the comment section, what do you think of this new technology. After a slow response from conventional electric vehicles, will hydrogen-powered cars will get a good response?

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