The renowned American Motorcycle Manufacturer Harley Davidson is now dialling up its game with a couple of new updates. To begin with, from now on all the electric motorcycles from Harley will come with an EV only sub-brand ‘LiveWire’. If you are now aware, LiveWire was the motorcycle manufacturer’s first-ever electric bike for the globe. But now, Harley Davidson will be launching all the future electric motorcycles by this name.

Harley Davidson Livewire
Harley Davidson LiveWire

This is what we know so far

Harley Davidson Livewire
Harley Davidson LiveWire

Harley has launched a new electric motorcycle only sub-brand ‘LiveWire’. And we could see the first motorcycle under the new brand soon.

  • It is speculated that on 8th July 2021 Harley Davidson will be launching a new motorcycle under the brand LiveWire.
  • In addition to that, the new EV from LiveWire will also be showcased at the International Motorcycle Show on July 9th.

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Harley Davidson’s Further Plans

Livewire Brand
LiveWire Brand

The motorcycle company also exclaimed that they will not be focusing more on the city or urban motorcycles.

  • This means, that motorcycles from LiveWire will be light, small and agile. Well, this completely opposite to the big and beefy bikes from Harley Davidson.
  • With the launch of the new brand LiveWire, the company is wanting to grab the opportunity of leading the electric motorcycle market.
  • The new brand LiveWire also plans to initiate development that will also help feed the Harley Davidson electric motorcycles in the coming years.
  • As of now the headquarters of the LiveWire motorcycles is in Silicon Valley, CA and also in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Harley Davidson in India

Harley Davidson Fat Boy
Harley Davidson Fat Boy

As of now, India’s biggest motorcycle manufacturer Hero Moto Corp is handling all the operation. As of now this includes sales and servicing but the responsibilities are subjected to increase in the future. That said, under the management of Hero Moto Corp, Harley’s liveWire could just make it to India. There are is no firm news on this though, we too can only wait and watch.

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