10 tips to store your car during lockdown
10 tips to store your car during lockdown

Lockdown is taking a toll on all of us. From physical to mental and spiritual health, everything is in danger. There isn’t much that we can do except being responsible by staying at home, wearing a mask if it is absolutely necessary to step out and getting  vaccinated. However, when It comes to our mechanical babies with wheels, we can help them out. So readers let us protect our soul machines by following these 10 tips to store your car during the lockdown.

  1. Do not engage the handbrake

    10 tips to store your car during lockdown

    It’s a natural instinct to engage the handbrake whenever we park our car, and it is a great habit too. However, if it is left engaged for a long period of time; it can lead to brake pads getting stuck to the discs or drums making our car undrivable. A better alternative is using bricks or something like that to keep your car in place. And always remember to engage first gear.

  2. Park indoors

    10 tips to store your car during lockdown
    Indoor parking

    In today’s day and age, accessibility to basement parking is common, especially in big cities. We advise you to use the parking lot even if it is a little bit inconvenient because it’ll protect your car from the terrors like sunlight, wind, rain etc which can do a number on your beloved machine. Don’t have covered parking? It’s best to invest in a good quality car cover. Make sure you purchase the cover for your specific model.

  3. Clean the interiors before parking

    10 tips to store your car during lockdown
    clean interiors

    We lived in a fast-paced world. This means that sometimes our cars also act as our dining table, meditation room and in extreme cases even bedrooms. Be kind to your baby and keep it clean. Remove all types of trash like coffee mugs, chocolate wrappers etc as this will prevent the car from smelling bad and even rescue your car from rodent infestation, which can cause serious damage to your car seats, mats and in worst cases; the electric cables. Apply interior polish and spray some air freshener so that your car smells like new next time you get a chance to take it out.

  4. Battery maintenance

    10 tips to store your car during lockdown
    battery care

    The battery is the most simple and key component of your car. Take good care of it. Apply petroleum jelly or grease on the terminals to prevent it from rusting. Check if the water levels are fine or not. It is also advisable to turn on the ignition periodically to prevent the battery from dying. Battery care is the fastest way towards your car’s health, take good care of the battery and the car will take care of you.

  5. Check tyre pressure

    check tire pressure

    Check your tires and make sure that they are at the correct pressure level as this will protect them from cracks and flat spots. Invest in good quality in an inflator so that you are always ready to move in a time of emergency.

  6. Paint job protection

    paint job protection

    The paint of your car is hit worst when your car is left parked for a long period. Rusting can damage it and it can lead to expensive repairs. Coat your car with a polish so as to prevent it from rusting. Keep away from direct sunlight and wind. Don’t let COVID take the shine of your ride.

  7. Fill up the fuel tank

    fill up the fuel tank

    In times like these nothing counts as impossible. You may wake up one day to an apocalypse of some sorts (zombies would be fun) and would need to move away. Sitting behind the wheel you realise; No fuel! You panic and get eaten by a zombie pack. Doesn’t sound nice, does it? Fill up your car before you park it so that you can commute in a time of medical emergency. Be wise, be safe!

  8. Remove all the documentation and gadgets from your car

    Remove documents

    We tend to keep our RC and insurance papers in the car for the sake of convenience. Since our cars will be sitting in the parking lot, there is no point keeping them in the dash. Remove all your documentation so that you don’t have to run back to your car if you need them. Also, from AUX cables to dongles, take out all the gadgets too.

  9. Overall check

    Overall check

    We are only humans and we can make mistakes, it’s natural. After you are through with the above mentioned 8 points, do an overall check of your car to ensure you did not miss out on anything. Check if all the lights are switched off, both inside and outside. It’s like revision, boring but beneficial.

  10. Periodic checks

    It is hard to fathom when will we get out of this pandemic and go out for a ride. It may be a couple of days, months or even a year! But the one thing which has to be ensured is that your car should be ready to roll at a moment’s notice. Make sure to return to the car once a week to give it a once over. Make sure you are masked up and wearing gloves while removing the cover.

    Engine Oil Check - Basic Car DIYs
    Engine Oil Check – Basic Car DIYs

    Sanitize the exteriors if you want to be properly safe. Startup the car and let it idle for some time. Do not pump the accelerator while the car is running. Once the optimum temperature has been reached, put it in gear and drive the car forward and backwards. Check the tyre pressure and refill if necessary. Ensure that the car is idling when you plug in the inflator. Check for strange smells inside the car which might signal a rodent crisis. Once all systems have been checked, cover up the car once again.

    We are all in this together, and that includes our cars too. Keep them safe and happy by following these 10 tips to store your car during the lockdown. Take care and be safe guys! Do not step out. Sit back, relax and we at Gomechanic will surely keep you engaged and entertained.

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