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Low Car Mileage Troubleshooting Guide | Beat The hike!

Petrol prices in India are among the highlights. People are definitely showing their concern about the increasing fuel prices in India and everyone needs to cut their fuel expenses down. Although you should stay home given the current pandemic situation, there are times when you can’t avoid travelling! What if we told you that you can cut your fuel expenses down just by trying these simple tips out! Have a look at the following car mileage increasing tips and let us know which one would you like to try out for your car!

  1. Periodic Car Service

    Car Service

    The most basic thing you can do to increase your car’s mileage is to get it serviced. If you choose GoMechanic’s comprehensive service package, we will service your car from tip to toe which will help your car give you more kilometres from a litre of fuel. Also, you can get an additional 10% off if you use the code GOBLOG! What are you waiting for? Download the app now and let us handle the rest!

  2. Check the tyre pressure regularly

    Tesla Modifications
    Tesla Tyres

    A simple physics concept can explain this easily. If your tyres are deflated, you will have more area of contact between the road and your car which will increase the friction between your car’s tyre and the road surface. As a result, you will experience a drop in fuel efficiency and will eventually end up consuming more fuel. Therefore, it is advised to keep your car’s tyre properly inflated. Want to skip the hassle of visiting someone for tyre inflation? Buy the GoMechanic handy tyre inflator here!

  3. Wheel Alignment & Balancing


    Wheel alignment and balancing is also a crucial factor which helps increase your car’s mileage. This process will provide you with two-way benefits. Along with increasing your car’s mileage, regular wheel alignment and balancing increase your tyre’s life. Car wheel alignment at GoMechanic makes sure that your car’s tyres wear uniformly which eventually make them last longer!

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  4. Don’t lug the engine

    WagonR Reverse Gear
    WagonR Reverse Gear

    If you drive a manual car, you should try to drive it at the lowest possible RPM range. No, we are not saying that you should put the engine under stress. You should drive in the optimum range where the RPMs are neither too high, nor too low! For this, you need to ensure that you shift timely without any lag!

  5. Keep the windows shut

    Hydrophobic Glass Windows
    Hydrophobic Glass Windows

    Aerodynamics! Ever heard of this term? Well, aerodynamics affect your car’s mileage very heavily and if you open your car’s windows wide, you definitely affect your car’s mileage which results in higher consumption of fuel. Well, this is the simplest one among the car mileage improving tips which you can follow. Try to open the windows only when necessary and try to avoid rolling down the windows especially at high speeds.

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  6. Smooth braking and acceleration

    Car damaging habits
    Slow down before you stop

    Be a patient driver. Don’t rush! You must have heard that you shouldn’t brake hard but here we are telling you not to accelerate hard too. Use each and every pedal of your car smoothly. Both accelerating and braking too hard can lead to a significant drop in your car’s mileage which will obviously land you at fuel stations more often spending your hard-earned money!

  7. Avoid Idling for long

    Delhi to get Smart Traffic Lights
    Delhi to get Smart Traffic Lights

    If you see a traffic signal which is not going to turn green for the next one or two minutes, the best practice is to turn the engine off! Don’t confuse this with turning the engine off at each and every traffic signal. Turn the engine off only when the timer is above a minute otherwise, you will end up spending more fuel in the frequent start-stop process.

  8. Avoid carrying unnecessary weight

    Renault Kwid Boot Space
    Renault Kwid Boot Space

    You don’t need to carry a lot of luggage with you always do you? When you are on your daily office trip you don’t really need to carry anything else other than your laptop. Well, cutting this short, all we want to say is that reducing the overall weight of the car is also one of the best car mileage improving tips. Also, it is one of the simplest ones too. Just remove what you don’t actually require.

  9. Go for short-shifting

    Hyundai i10 gear Shift Indicator
    Hyundai i10 gear Shift Indicator | Credits: MotorBeam

    Short shifting can get you better mileage for sure. Just don’t stick to shorter gears and keep upshifting and downshifting in short intervals with optimum speed numbers. Modern cars are usually equipped with gear shift indicators. You should definitely follow what your car’s engine suggests. This is also one of the most simple car mileage increasing tip that you can follow to increase your car’s mileage.

  10. Use Cruise Control

    The History Of The Cruise Control Features In Modern Cars
    The History Of The Cruise Control Features In Modern Cars

    If your car has got this feature, no one can stop you from getting a good mileage figure. For those readers who haven’t got cruise control in their cars, just make sure you don’t drive with a lot of jerks. Just try to be as much stable as possible throughout your journey and you will definitely get a good mileage figure from your car.

These were the 10 car mileage improving tips that can help you get more kilometres from a litre of fuel. We hope fuel prices come down soon but till then, you can follow these tips and extract the best mileage from your car.

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