It is always fun to drive a powerful vehicle and push it to its limits. And who can provide this fun other than a diesel engine? The sheer torque that kicks in, pushed us back into our seats. This is a completely different feeling. Well, to do exactly that we need power engines. So here we are back to save you from the hassle. Here are 10 carmakers in India and their most powerful diesel engines. Let’s start, shall we!

  1. Hyundai 2.0L R2.0 (182bhp, 400Nm)

    Hyundai R2.0 engine
    Hyundai R2.0 engine

    More than petrol engines, the Korean carmaker Hyundai is known for its powerful and energetic diesel engine. The R2.0 engine is no less, it is a 2.0-litre turbo diesel motor that is capable of generating 182bhp of maximum power and 400Nm of peak torque. The R2.0 motor comes with its current flagship SUV Tuscon.

  2. Mahindra 2.2L (178bhp, 420Nm)

    Mahindra 2.2L engine
    Mahindra 2.2L engine

    Another car manufacturer known for its diesel engine is Mahindra. This Indian carmaker has more than a couple of diesel engines in its portfolio. But it is the motor in the Alturas G4 that is the most powerful. This engine is similar to the 2.2mHawk but has been upgraded to suit the side and weight of the Alturas. That said, this 2.2-litre engine generates 178hp of max power and 350Nm of maximum torque.

  3. Honda 1.5L i-DTEC (98bhp, 200Nm)

    Honda City i-DTEC Diesel Engine
    Honda City i-DTEC Diesel Engine

    Back in the early 2000s, Honda came to India with vehicles running only on petrol. But as the demand increased, Honda too stepped into these gas guzzlers. Hence as of now, there were two diesel engines on offer. But the one in Civic discontinued.

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    What’s left is a 1.5-litre i-DTEC that does duties in the new Honda City, Amaze, and WR-V. This engine generates a maximum output of 98bhp and a peak torque of 200Nm.

  4. Tata 2.0 Kryotec (168bhp, 350Nm)

    Tata 2.0-litre engine
    Tata 2.0-litre engine

    Moving on to another Indian carmaker, Tata. From day one of Tata Motor’s existence, they are fond of building cars with diesel engines. And it is evident that they make some of the most powerful diesel engines.

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    That said, current sitting on the top of the table is a 2.0-litre Kryotec turbo diesel engine that does duties in Harrier and the brand new Safari. This engine is capable of producing a whopping 168bhp and 350Nm of maximum torque. Additionally, for you to know, this engine has been sourced from the FCA group.

  5. Jeep 2.0L Multijet (168bhp, 420Nm)

    Jeep Compass diesel engine
    Jeep Compass diesel engine

    Now, this is the engine we were talking about in the previous point. Well, the Kryotec engine is similar to that of the Jeep’s 2.0-Litre Multijet engine. And yes, these two engines side in a completely different state of tune.

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    Coming to the numbers, this 2.0-litre motor generates a massive power of 168bhp and the peak torque sits at 420Nm. Now that is something powerful as the engine comes with the light and nimble Jeep Compass.

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  6. Toyota 2.8L 1GD-FTV (201bhp, 500Nm)

    2021 Toyota Fortuner Legender Launching Soon
    2021 Toyota Fortuner Legender Launching Soon

    The time when BS6 emission norms came into power, Toyota discontinued their diesel engines for cars below 15lakhs. Well, even the true Toyota cars have been discontinued. Coming back, only two vehicles come with Toyota’s diesel engine.

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    And the most powerful motor, i.e 2.8-litre 1GD-FTV, does duties in the legendary vehicle, Fortuner. And in Fortuner’s recent update this engine got even more powerful. Speaking of which, the engine now generates 201bhp of maximum power and 500Nm of peak torque.

  7. Kia 2.2L CRDi (197bhp, 440Nm)

    Toyota Innova vs Kia Carnival
    Kia Carnival Engine Bay

    The Korean cousins do have a lot in common, no shit sherlock. And from the platform to the engines, they share many things. And right now in Kia’s portfolio in India, the 2.2-litre CRDi engine is the most powerful diesel engine. This CRDi motor generates a max power of 197bhp and produces a peak torque of 440Nm. Also, this engine comes with the company’s luxuries MPV, Carnival. Considering the side of the vehicle the power figures are more than adequate.

  8. Ford 2.0L EcoBlue (168bhp, 420Nm)

    Ford's 2.0-litre ecoblue diesel engine
    Ford’s 2.0-litre ecoblue diesel engine

    After the implementation of the new BS6 emission norms, we lost many legendary cars and potent engines. One was the 3.2-litre turbo diesel that did its job in the old Ford Endeavour. But now the massive vehicle is stuck with just a 2.0-litre EcoBlue diesel engine.

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    The engine is not only low on power but also, uses a 10-speed transmission to extract every drop of power. That said, this engine generated a maximum power of 168bhp and the torque output sits at 420Nm.

  9. MG 2.0L Twin-Turbo (215bhp, 480Nm)

    MG Gloster
    MG Gloster

    With the launch of MG Gloster, everybody was stunned after seeing the power specs of this massive SUV. Well, before diving into detail, we’d like to tell you that this is the only engine that comes with a twin-turbo setup at its price point. Having two turbos, this motor generated a maximum power of 215bhp and the torque output is 480Nm.

Honourable Mention:

Maruti Suzuki 1.6-litre DDiS 320 (120bhp, 320Nm)

Maruti Suzuki DDiS 320
Maruti Suzuki DDiS 320

This is the time when Maruti Suzuki had a potent and powerful diesel engine. Like India’s favourite engine the DDiS 200, this too was borrowed from the FCA group. Meaning, it was refined and most importantly was nothing like a Maruti. Before getting discontinued, the engine did its duty only in the S-Cross. Also, there were plans to introduce this motor in Ciaz but it never happened. Moving on, this engine is capable of generating a peak power of 120bhp and 320Nm of peak torque.

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Let us know in the comment section, which is your favourite engine.

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