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Nissan Leaf vs. Hyundai Kona Electric

While the rumoured launch of the Nissan Leaf Electric has gotten us all excited, what remains to be seen is whether the Leaf will be able to save the skin of the OEM in India alongside the Magnite. But in order to truly do well, the Lead needs to face fierce competition, like Hyundai Kona Electric. So here’s the Nissan Leaf vs. the Hyundai Kona Electric.

Nissan Leaf vs. Hyundai Kona Electric: Dimensions

Nissan Leaf Launching In India Very Soon?
Nissan Leaf Launching In India Very Soon?
Model Nissan Leaf Hyundai Kona
Length 4490mm 4180 mm
Width 1788mm 1800 mm
Height 1540mm 1570 mm
Wheelbase 2700mm 2600 mm
Boot Space 435 litres 332 litres

Speaking strictly in terms of dimensions, the Nissan Leaf comes as a lengthier and more specious electric SUV that offers a much larger boot space than the Kona. Nonetheless, the Kona does offer a higher stance and a wider and more aggressive bodyline. Both electric SUVs are good-looking, but thanks to the Leaf’s big boot space and wheelbase, it surely takes the win.

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Nissan Leaf vs. Hyundai Kona Electric: Range and Battery Specs

Hyundai New Kona
Hyundai New Kona
Specs Nissan Leaf Hyundai Kona Electric
Battery Capacity 40kWh and 60kWh (E+) 39.2kWh
Range (ARAI-claimed) 390 to 527(E+) kilometres 452 kilometres

Offered in both a regular as well as a plus (e+) version, the Nissan Leaf on the non-plus trims offer similar battery capacity as what is offered on the Kona, albeit with a lower range. The E+ trims of the Leaf however are what wins over the Kona by a huge margin. But with that said, since the Leaf’s launch is just speculation, there is no surety whether the international E+ trim will make it to India or not.

Leaf vs. Kona Electric: Performance

Electric Cars
Leaf Electric
Specs Nissan Leaf Hyundai Kona Electric
Power 150PS and 217 PS (E+) 136 PS
Torque 320Nm and 340Nm (E+) 395 Nm
0-100kmph (claimed) 7.9 and 6.9 (E+) seconds 9.3 seconds

Once again in the performance section, the comparison depends highly on what variant of the Leaf arrives in India. If it’s the classic trim then the Leaf will see more power but less torque as compared to the Kona. However, even with lesser torque, the Leaf will still be able to sprint from 0 to 100 faster that the Kona. The E+ trim if arrives in India will present a different story altogether going out of league where the Kona stands.

Leaf vs. Kona Electric: Price

Nissan Leaf Hyundai Kona Electric
Price Rs 25 to 35 lakh (expected) Rs 14.99 lakh to Rs 17.50 lakh


While nothing at all is known about the Leaf if reports are to be believed the Leaf will most probably be a CBU unit in India, which will reflect in its price tag. According to us, the price can fall anywhere between Rs. 25 to 35 Lakhs.

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