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Sunday, March 3, 2024
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MoRTH Updates Registration Plate Rules. Here’s what you need to know!

The Ministry of Roads and Highways has recently updated the existing registration plate rules to avoid any confusion or fraudulent activities. These updates have been made after the 1989 amendment.

According to the new update, it will be an offence to drive a new motor vehicle with a paper-printed temporary registration number.

The ministry has also set a specific colour code norm of every vehicle under its 11 categories.

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Mahindra e2O | Electric Vehicle
Mahindra e2O | Electric Vehicle
  • So, from now on a temporary registration plate will have red letters and numerals on a yellow background. While a dealer vehicle will be required to hold a plate with white letters on a red background.
  • Electric vehicle owners can continue to use their previous number plate which consisted of yellow letters/numerals on a green background.

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Temporary Car Number Plate
Temporary Car Number Plate
  • The Ministry of Road and Highways has also banned the usage of any other character besides the basic English letters and Arabic numerals on the registration plate. Furthermore, the use of any regional language on the number plates has also been banned by the government which also includes VIP numbers sold or auctioned by many states/union territories.
  • With these new updates, MoRTH is expecting to see a slight uniformity in the process of procuring and identifying vehicles which might help in identifying many fraudulent and criminal activities in the country.
  • Additionally, MoRTH has also updated the CMVR (Central Motor Vehicles Rules) which now specifies the size, thickness and spacing between the characters on the registration plate which now stands at 65mm, 10mm and 10mm. However, the updated CMVR rules are only applicable for all motor vehicles except two and three-wheelers.
Types Of Number Plates In India
Types of number plates in India

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    • Hey Prabhat,

      Unfortunately, this is a problem almost all Chevrolet and Isuzu owners are facing. I would request you to wait till they update their database or contact your nearest RTO for more info.

  1. I’ve been trying to get the sticker from hsrp on line but every time get the message update u r registration certificate what should I do next to obtain sticker?


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