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OLA S1 Production Stopped! Time To Go Pro?

OLA Electric Scooters have been in the works for quite some time now. Well, OLA has officially stated that the final formalities for the OLA S1 Pro owners will begin by the end of this month, and deliveries will commence shortly after that. What came out as a rather surprising turn of events was the fact that the company has temporarily stopped the production of the OLA S1 Scooter. Let’s break this down a bit and understand the situation.

  1. Why is the production of the OLA S1 halted?

OLA has mentioned that a majority of the bookings were for the S1 Pro scooter, and not the cheaper S1 Scooter. This is the major reason behind OLA prioritizing the production of the more expensive S1 Pro variant. The OLA S1 costs around Rs. 1 Lakh while the S1 Pro costs around Rs. 1.3 Lakhs, depending on the state you buy it from.

New OLA S1 Scooters
New OLA S1 Scooters

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  1. What can OLA S1 buyers do now?

Well, S1 buyers have 2 options. They can either wait till the end of the year for their scooters to get delivered, or they can upgrade to the S1 Pro and get a quicker delivery. This does seem unfair to the buyers of the S1 as they seem to have no choice but to either wait or pay up.

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  1. Is the OLA S1 Pro worth the upgrade?

It is, for an additional Rs. 30k, you get a few extra goodies as well. The S1 Pro is much more powerful, has the maniac hyper mode, and it has a bigger battery. This is quite the difference, especially for bigger cities like Mumbai and Delhi. The S1 Pro also comes with a much wider range of colour options. The S1 Pro also gets a few extra features like cruise control, hill-hold assist and voice assistance. It also has a higher top speed of 115 KM/hr as compared to S1’s 90 KM/hr.

Battery and Range OLA S1 OLA S1 Pro
Battery Output 2.98kWh 3.97kWh
Range 121 KM 181 KM
0-60 Time 7 Seconds 5 Seconds
Top Speed 90KM/hr 115KM/hr
OLA S1 And S1 Pro Electric Scooters, Variants Explained
OLA S1 And S1 Pro Electric Scooters, Variants Explained

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