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From PS5 To Cars, This Is What Sony Has In House For Us!

After making PlayStations now, Sony is looking to expand its horizons in the global mobility sector. Various tech giants are entering the BEV race & Sony has presented their concept for the same. The Japanese company is confident about influencing mobility trends with its promising product.

Kenichiro Yoshida With Vision-S01

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Kenichiro Yoshida, CEO of, Sony stated the following at CES 2022 during the keynote address:
“We are exploring the commercial launch of Sony EV.”
In addition to that, he also said the following at a press conference:
“Sony is well-positioned as a creative entertainment company to redefine mobility.”

  • Dedicated Mobility Unit

    Sony Vision-S01| Revealed 2020

    Sony will be dedicating a whole unit to provide mobility solutions through their EVs; it will be known as ‘Sony Mobility Inc’ and set up by spring this year. The Sony Vision- S01 was on display during the presentation.

    The same sedan was also spied testing in Europe. Design-wise, Vision-S has considerable similarities with Porsche; it has around 40 sensors that function to enhance the autonomous abilities of the car.

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    Sony has already equipped it with OTA updates, 360-degree audio & a gigantic infotainment screen supporting 5G. Rumours say that it has a dual-motor AWD system churning out 536hp with a top speed of 240km/h.

  • Sony’s Electric SUV

    Sony Vision-S02

    They revealed their electric SUV, Vision-S02, at CES 2022; it will have a capacity to accommodate seven people with a similar infotainment system & features. The SUV will utilize about 40 sensors overall for a secure drive.

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    This includes a 360-degree sensor setup consisting of LiDAR, high sensitivity & CMOS high-resolution image sensors. In addition to that, it will have level 2 ADAS, which is in the testing phase.

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  • Sony Vision-S Series

    They revealed the first car of the Vision-S series in 2020, which was a sedan. Now they have uncovered an electric SUV. This series focuses more on the autonomous abilities with AI rather than just mobility.

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    They also emphasize an ‘active lifestyle’ with their new SUV to target the youth with an energetic design. In addition to the excellent entertainment features, the SUV will also be offered in a four-seater configuration to ensure massive legroom for the second row.

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