Bumper to bumper traffic, jam-packed roads, and strenuous driving. The problems are many, but the solution is one. Yes, you guessed it right; an automatic transmission. Offering several advantages over their manual counterpart, automatic transmissions resonates with ease of driving, whenever wherever. And if you too are planning to shift to an automatic, here are 5 reasons why Indians are choosing auto transmissions over manuals.

  1. Comfort and Convenience

    Harrier's automatic transmission
    Harrier’s automatic transmission

    Jam-packed roads and bumper to bumper traffic is common sight in almost every state and metropolitan now. Even in small towns, traffic jams are an everyday affair. And the worst part about traffic is the constant need to push the clutch pedal, every time you’ve got to move, even if it’s for a few inches. This is where an automatic transmission comes in to offer supreme comfort and convenience. With no clutch pedal at work, you can have a relaxing drive, even in face of heavy traffic. Otherwise as well, with no need of pressing the clutch to change gears, driving is absolute bliss with an auto transmission.

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  2. Impressive Fuel Economy

    Best Mileage Petrol Cars In 2021
    Best Mileage Petrol Cars In 2021

    With advancements in technology, transmissions, and powertrain, even automatic transmissions now offer exceptional mileage that can sometimes put even manual ones to shame. With features such as idle-start stop, mild hybrid, smart hybrid etc. auto transmissions are now smartly paired with the power train to return a mileage of over 20 kmpl at times. Moreover, with a wide range of auto transmissions available, one can easily achieve the balance between mileage and power.

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  3. Availability Across Segments

    Hyundai across all segments
    Availability across segments

    Gone are the days when auto transmissions were considered to be a thing of luxury. With a constantly rising vehicle population, auto transmissions are now available across are segments of vehicles starting from budgeted entry-level hatchbacks to luxury sedans and SUVs. With such a wide reach, bringing home an automatic vehicle is no more a distant dream

  4. Diverse Technology

    All the Types of Automatic Transmission Systems available in India Explained
    All the Types of Automatic Transmission Systems available in India Explained

    Serving different purposes, auto transmissions aren’t just limited to conventional AMTs. With CVT, DCT, Torque Converter Automatics, DSG, and more, automatic transmission are diverse and multifaceted. With a little something for every need, picking an auto transmission is now easier than ever before.

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  5. Best of Both Worlds

    Automatic Transmission
    Automatic Transmission with Manual Shifting Mode

    With automatic transmission technologies such as AMTs, one can not only enjoy the comfort and convenience of software determined gear shifting but can also experience the thrill of shifting gears as when they like with manual modes as well. Having the best of both worlds, transmission technologies such as AMTs are smartly blending in the thrill of shifting with the ease of automation.

    So these were 5 reasons why Indians are going gaga over automatic transmission. Stay pinned to the GoMechanic blog where we bring to you everything automotive.

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