The car you drive says a lot about you; and what better way of saying that you have made it big than by driving a luxury car. They are flashy, fast and are a bold statement. Sadly not everyone has the cash for new ones so they opt for second-hand cars but often end up spending more than the car’s price in the form of service bills due to reliability issues and maintenance cost. It sounds like a nightmare doesn’t it? Well if you are about to buy a used luxury car, you can now be worry-free as we bring you 10 reliable used luxury cars in the market: be safe be wise.

  1. Toyota Camry Hybrid (2012-15)

    10 reliable used luxury cars in India
    Toyota Camry Hybrid

    The Camry was Toyota’s flagship sedan in India at one time. It was the perfect blend of Japanese bulletproof reliability and American inspired luxury. While the 2006 edition Camry is known to have reliability issues, the 2012 edition is one of the most reliable luxury cars you can buy right now.

    You can get a showroom condition car for around 12 lakhs which is pretty good considering that you will be worry-free. The best is to go for the smaller 2.5 4 cylinder engine as it is more fuel-efficient(yes we know what rings your bells).

  2. Honda Accord(2012)

    10 reliable used luxury cars in India
    Honda Accord

    The Honda Accord has had an image of epitome luxury since it first came to India in 2001. It was also one of the first Indian cars to come with a V6 engine! And even after a whole decade it still doesn’t look old and has aged amazingly well.

    You can buy a 2010 model for a dirt-cheap price of 3 lakhs! Although there have been some reliability issues in the past, don’t worry as GoMechanic is there to solve even the smallest of problems.

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  3. Honda CR-V(2003-2014)

    10 reliable used luxury cars in India
    Honda CRV

    The CR-V debuted in India in 2003 and was the first premium compact SUV to be offered at that time. It looked very premium, had all the bells and whistles to play with and also had a great petrol engine.

    However Indians weren’t ready for this compact SUV trend and it did not do great, even in its later years. Still its a great car to buy, considering it has aged very well and you can find examples from 2014 in mint condition for 11 lakhs. It’s a great deal honestly.

  4. Hyundai Santafe

    Hyundai Santafe

    Hyundai saw a big bump in sales with after they introduced the fluidic concept in the Verna and Elantra. In order to keep the momentum and tap the SUV segment too, they introduced their midsize SUV ‘Santafe’ in 2011. It was pretty premium compared to the other offerings, had a 2200 cc powerful oil burner and was overall a classy car.

    It did decent on the market; which was dominated by the Fortuner. Due to its long list of features and great design and a very refined and super reliable engine, it is still a great car to own. You can get a used one for a great bargain of 6 lakhs.

  5. Skoda Superb(2012)

    10 reliable used luxury cars in India
    Skoda Superb

    I mean the name says it all doesn’t it? The most premium offering by Skoda in India, the Superb has been around since the last two decades. And although the other cars in this segment give the premium vibe, the Superb is the sexiest of them all. While other cars are meant to be driven by serious businessman, the daddy Skoda is a bad boys’ car.

    You dream of being one? Now you can as mint condition examples from 2010 cheaper than an S-presso! Yes it is an expensive car to maintain but honestly, all premium cars are till some degree. And if you have the dough for a real one, check out-

    2020 Skoda Superb Facelift Launched! Starts at Rs. 29.99 Lakhs

  6. Mercedes E-class(2012-13)

    10 reliable used luxury cars in India
    Mercedes Benz E Class

    The ‘gangster car’ is one of the most successful cars in Mercedes history? The 2011 facelift was a big leap from the previous gens and had it all. It also is extremely reliable(that German engineering oof) and that is why it is one of the hottest cars you can buy from the used car market. There are examples from 2014 that you can buy for around 17 lakhs.

  7. Volvo S60

    10 reliable used luxury cars in India
    Volvo S60

    The Swedish car brand is regarded as one of the safest carmakers in the whole world. The S60 in particular is a pretty looking sedan with a feature loaded cabin and a very reliable engine. The 2013 model in particular is the most reliable and you can buy one for as cheap as 11 lakhs! That’s a great bargain for a Volvo.

  8. BMW 3 series(2010-2014)

    10 reliable used luxury cars in India
    BMW 3 series

    BMW’s entry level sedan 3 series is one one of the best selling luxury sedans in India. It is the perfect car to get into the premium car segment. While the newest model is breathtaking, the previous two gens are no less. I have personally driven a 2011 model and it goes like a dream. You can get a good condition car for as less as 5 lakhs.

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  9. BMW 5 series(2012-13)

    BMW 5 series

    BMW cemented its position in the business class sedan segment with their 2011 5 series. The previous gen did have a couple of reliability issues but the new model was very well engineered. Our choice keeping in mind the hassle that comes with these cars is the 530d as it is a 4 cylinder diesel engine that will hardly punish you while driving. The best part? You can buy these in mint conditions for less than 15 lakhs. That’s a lot of car for loss less buck. And because of this it tops our list of 10 reliable used luxury cars in India.

  10. Mercedes Benz CLA(2014)

    Mercedes Benz CLA

    Lastly its the baby Merc. The CLA is one of the best selling cars in the market as this was the first luxury sedan from a major company to sit within the bracket of 20-30 lakhs when it debuted in India. Now some people may argue that it is not a proper Mercedes but still you get the star logo and a lot more when you buy it.

    You can easily find a 2015-16 edition CLA for 20-22 lakhs that to in showroom condition. And if you are a fan of speed and have a little more cash on your hands, you can get your hands on the 350 bhp CLA AMG too! Now that sounds tasty. There is a new entry level sedan too now.

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    Although these cars are reliable, keep in mind that they will be expensive to maintain compared to your Suzuki or Hyundai; but if you absolutely have to buy one then look no further. This was 10 reliable luxury used cars in India. Do you own or have experienced one? Let us know in the comments below.

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