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5 Best Second Hand Ford Cars You Should Definitely Consider

Buying a new car is a feeling beyond words. But as happy as the moment might be, it also takes away a substantial chunk of your savings. Therefore a smarter decision to make is to bring home a pre-owned vehicle. And when it comes to vehicles that last long, Ford is a name one cannot miss. Now that the company has bid adieu to manufacture in India, the only way to bring home a Ford is to get one in its pre-owned glory. So here are 5 of the best second-hand Ford cars you should definitely consider.

  1. Ford Eco Sport

    Ford Ecosport
    The Ford Ecosport

    A vehicle that literally redefined the compact SUV segment in India, the Ford Eco Sport is one iconic compact SUV and we mean it. Launched back in 2013, the Eco Sport can be brought home in all versions it brought in. From the iconic 1.0 liter, Eco Boost to the last available 1.5-liter petrol and diesel trims. No matter what you pick, the Eco Sport will always deliver great build quality, superb driving dynamics, and practical interiors. Over the years, the Eco Sport has evolved its way to be one of India’s most loved compact SUVs.

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  2. Ford Endeavour

    Ford Endeavour
    The Ford Endeavour

    If sizable SUVs are your cup of tea, it doesn’t get any better than the Ford Endeavour. Built as a true-blue SUV, the Endeavour is all about the SUV feel. Launched back in 2003, the Endeavour holds a massive legacy of over 18 years. In its second and third-generation glory, the Ford Endeavour exists as one of the best pre-owned SUVs out there. With a chance of driving a 3.0-liter powerhouse, bringing home a pre-owned Endeavour can be a feeling beyond words.

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  3. Ford Figo

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    The Ford Figo

    When it comes to hatchbacks that are meant for sheer driving dynamics and performance, the Figo is what you need. From build quality to the suspension set-up, the Figo does everything top-notch. In its pre-owned glory too, the Ford Figo can be one of the most value-for-money purchases you would likely make. Amongst some of the best performing hatches in the second-hand market, the Figo shines its way to be one amongst the very top. When out there in the market picking a hatch, make sure you test out the Ford Figo.

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  4. Ford Freestyle

    Ford Freestyle | Front Profile
    The Ford Freestyle

    One of the few good crossovers in the market, the Freestyle brings in the practicality of a hatchback and the looks of a muscular SUV. The Freestyle enjoys the pros of superb driving dynamics along with SUV-like exteriors and practical inclusions such as 190 mm of ground clearance; the Freestyle is quite impressive for everyday runs. In its pre-owned glory, the Freestyle can provide a better package than an ordinary hatchback.

  5. Ford Aspire

    Ford Aspire
    The Ford Aspire

    Coming to compact sedans, Ford has the Aspire to offer, and now that the brand has ceased production of local models, the Aspire has become one of the most wanted pre-owned compact sedans. With evergreen looks, balanced interiors, and performance like no other, the Figo impresses with an all-around package it already is.

  6. So these were 5 of the best second-hand Ford Cars that you should definitely consider bringing home. Stay pinned to the GoMechanic blog for everything automotive.

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