The latest-gen Skoda Fabia s already doing rounds on the internet and the audience is absolutely crazy to have the legendary Skoda hatchback in the market! While Indians still wonder many things about the upcoming hatch, we are here to solve all the doubts.

  1. Is there a new Fabia coming out?


    Yes, Skoda has just dropped these shots on the internet and the audience has gone crazy! The new Skoda Fabia will be available in some international markets really soon. For those still wondering is there a new Fabia coming out? Yes, there is one and it will be on the roads really soon.

  2. Is Skoda Fabia coming to India?

    Zac Hollis Confirms
    Zac Hollis Confirms

    Heartbreaking! Isn’t it? Zack Hollis has himself confirmed that the new Skoda Fabia is not India bound as of now and they have no plans to bring it here in the present year. We don’t know about the future yet but what we know is that the Indian audience is gearing up for Kushaq and a brand new sedan that will drop as a surprise by the end of this year.

  3. Why was Skoda Fabia discontinued?


    With time, Indians began shifting away from this hatch. With other brands emerging and increasing competition, this Czech hatch was experiencing low sales. Skoda tried to bring the sales up by dropping the prices but the price drop couldn’t work well. The dropping prices led to decreased profit margin which in the end led to the discontinuation of the car.

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  4. Why did Skoda Fabia fail in India?


    The high price tag, obviously could not let Skoda Fabia survive in the Indian market. The initial high price tag made the audience move away from the Czech hatch. Skoda tried to attract the audience by price cuts but we guess it was too late to do so and ultimately, as we all know, this car was discontinued.

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  5. Is Skoda Fabia a good car?


    Genuinely, this hatch is a very good car and if you have had your hands on one, you would know why we are saying that. Performance, comfort, reliability, Fabia had it all. Just one thing, the high price tag made the audience steer clear from this hatch. Else, everything was good about it. It surely offered an enjoyable drive.

  6. Which is the best Skoda Fabia engine?


    Talking about the new Skoda Fabia, we won’t be getting our hands on it anytime soon. Still, we will give you an insight about what’s under the hood of the new hot hatch. India’s favourite 1.0-litre TSi is the first thing that you would find under the hood of this hot hatch. A 1.0-litre MPI is also there and that goes without saying. But it is not coming to India so we are not even trying to make a guess about what Skoda will bring here if they plan to launch this.

  7. Is Skoda owned by Volkswagen?

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    Yes, it is. The Skoda VW group currently houses around 12 companies namely  Volkswagen, Audi, SEAT, ŠKODA, Bentley, Bugatti, Lamborghini, Porsche, Ducati, Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles, Scania and MAN.

  8. Should I buy a used Skoda Fabia?


    Yes, you definitely should. If you enjoy driving the German tech, you can have your hands on the Fabia considering the fact that you will get this at a much cheaper price in the used car market as of now if we compare it to any of its competitors. On the other hand, you can easily source parts and spares and you already know where to go!

  9. Is Skoda expensive to maintain?

    Practical and Spacious Kushaq

    It won’t be fair to say that maintaining Skoda is what everyone can do. We agree Skoda’s maintenance is on a higher side as compared to other brands in the competition. But as all of us know, Skoda is a bit on the luxury side so it is kind of justified. Also, you can anytime choose us anytime over the authorised service centres to save some extra bucks on your car service.

  10. Does Skoda have Volkswagen engines?

    1.0-litre TSI engine | Powerful Engines in India
    1.0-litre TSI engine | Powerful Engines in India

    As we have already told you that VW owns Skoda so it is quite easy to guess that who manufacturers the engines and the components. It is obviously the parent company. Skoda shares engines and components with VW cars most of the times. This allows them to use common layouts for basic parts which saves time and money.

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