‘No one is born perfect, but if y………….’ Okay, I know that I have said this enough times. But well, it’s Skoda we are talking about, the company that builds cars close to perfection. It was the late 1990s. The potential of the Indian automotive industry had become visible to automakers across the world. Skoda decided to enter our shores back in November 2001 with its luxury sedan, the Octavia, we are all well familiar with. We have already gone through the 19 glorious years of the cult. Missed it? Read here. Now it’s time to take a look at one of the variants launched within 3 years of the initial launch. It is the Skoda Octavia Mark 1 L&K (Lauren & Klement).

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2004 – Skoda Octavia Mark 1 L&K Launched!

Skoda Octavia L&K
Skoda Octavia L&K | Source

Skoda Octavia gained popularity within 3 years of launch. So Skoda decided to add more elegance, comfort, features, style and heritage to the car. So, a variant above Elegance was introduced and was named L&K. The company marketed it as a ‘Rare Breed’. It was launched with an asking price of ₹13.4lakhs (Ex-showroom).

Under the hood, it had the 1.9-litre TDI diesel engine. There was no petrol engine at the offer though!

Octavia Mark 1 L&K Engine Specifications

Engine 1.9-litre TDI Diesel
Capacity 1,896cc
Power 90hp @4,000rpm
Torque 210Nm @1,900rpm

The turbocharged diesel engine was enough to bring the enthusiast out of any human alive. The engine was fuel-efficient too, as the Skoda Octavia L&K offered a mileage of 16.4kmpl. It was offered 5-speed manual transmission only. There was no automatic transmission offered.

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What all was offered in the Special Edition?

Skoda Octavia had already set the standards high. The L&K variant added more to the list. It offered:

  • India’s first-ever diesel vehicle to have ABS. The Skoda Octavia L&K gave the optimum stability even at high speeds.
  • It also featured a tilt and telescopic steering. The steering had mounted controls for the music system and cruise control.
  • That’s right! The Octavia L&K had cruise control.
  • The L&K had an electric sunroof too. The features are just getting more and more interesting. It’s 2004 we are talking about!
  • Front heated seats! Yes! Skoda offered this feature too.
  • It had rear parking sensors too. So, it is safe to say that Skoda Octavia L&K was safe, comfortable and pretty loaded.

Skoda offered all this at a starting price of ₹13.4lakhs. The price was high considering the year but the Czech craftsmanship had a great deal to offer. What do you think about the Skoda Octavia Mark 1 L&K? Do let us know in the comments section below.

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