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Symptoms of a Failing Car Battery

The car battery is an essential component of the car, which caters to various functions such as powering the headlights and interior electronic & infotainment systems. But most importantly, it helps in starting the car. The average battery life in India ranges from 2-3 years, and it is easy to notice the signs if your car battery is failing. Let’s look at the common symptoms of a failing car battery:

Dim headlights & accessories 

LED Headlights
LED Headlights

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The car battery is responsible for running all the electrical systems, including the headlights. One of the common and easy-to-detect symptoms is dim headlights. You can distinguish between starter issues and battery issues by checking the lights. It might be a starter issue if the headlights are working fine and the accessories are without dimming. Otherwise, it would be best if you got your battery checked.

Noise During Starting

GoMechanic-Your Trusted Car Care Partner
GoMechanic-Your Trusted Car Care Partner

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Another symptom of a failing car battery can be some chatter noise made during the car starts. Usually, a car is not supposed to make such noises during starting, but if you want to check. You can see if the vehicle is making chattering/ whirring noises, as it would again be a battery issue, not a starter problem.

Freqeuent Jump Starts

Jump Starter Kit
Jump Starter Kit

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This is easy to see and diagnose; if you need frequent jump starts now and then, it is time to get your battery checked. This might happen if the battery is too old or experiencing internal issues, failing to start the car itself.

Long Cranks

Starter motor
Starter motorStarter motor

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A daily driver is familiar with his car’s crank sounds and time. When turning the key, you notice long or slow cranks; it can be another red flag. If the engine is sluggish during the cranking procedure, it might be time to get your battery checked and repaired or replaced.


Battery care
Battery care

Coming to the last warning sign that you cannot miss. A failing battery can cause intermittent sparks, leading to fuel accumulation in the cylinders. If this accumulated fuel is ignited with increased force, it can cause your car to backfire. While backfiring can also occur due to other reasons but checking the car battery is vital here.

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If you are having any of the troubles mentioned above, you can reach out to us, and our experts will take care of the rest. Be it a troublesome battery or a body dent, our experts assure your car gets the best respect it deserves.

Yuvam Gupta
Yuvam Gupta
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