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Tata Surpassed Hyundai In Sale Numbers, This Is How

Another year under the influence of the novel Coronavirus is over. Before we could know, 2021 is done and dusted. It was a year of a plethora of ups and downs, lows and highs. But this comes as a surprise for the Indian automotive industry that in December 2021, the Indian carmaker Tata accomplished every waiting goal. In the last month of 2021, Tata surpassed Hyundai, one of the leading carmakers in India, in terms of car sales.

Tata took the second spot as it sold 35,300 cars in December last year. On the contrary, Hyundai only managed to sell 32,312 cars. Well, the difference is not that significant, but the emotions behind the achievement at Tata really are massive. That said, this makes Tata take the top spot among the Indian carmakers. But how did they really do it? Let’s get right in.

There are multiple situations and ways Tata might have what they got.

  1. Tata’s product line-up

    Tata Cars
    Tata Cars

    By now, everyone on the planet knows that the trending vehicle segment is SUV. Now speaking of SUVs, Tata has a handful of vehicles from that segment in the country. But that’s just the half story. The SUVs from Tata are a little superior to the competition. Tata being better is for sure subjective as they are not the ideal SUVs in the market but indeed are the ones that most prefer.

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    Apart from SUVs, Tata also has a couple of value for money hatchbacks in the market. These hatchbacks potentially have also aided car sales over the period. Lastly, Tata is reluctant to stop innovation as they are among the first in India to introduce relatively affordable electric vehicles.

  2. Features and creature comfort in Tata’s cars

    Tata Nexon Interior
    Tata Nexon Interior

    As said above, buying Tata is subjective, so let’s focus on what these cars from this brand have on offer. To begin with, like any other modern vehicle, Tata cars come equipped with a plethora of features. Mostly these are the useful ones and not gimmicky as many of its competitors get.

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    To name a few, at a considerably lower price, Tata cars get a premium sound system by harmane. This, coupled with connected car tech, is more than what you need. So, people ready to give up upon some luxury features are okay with buying a Tata. All in all, Tata cars come with a decent equipment list considering the market, and most of the buyers will not crave more.

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  3. The price

    Tata Tiago
    Tata Tiago

    According to us, the next factor Tata taking the second place is the money that one would be spending in getting a vehicle from this brand. The cheapest car in the company’s range is Tata Tiago, and it costs somewhere around 5 lakh for the base trim. Also, the most expensive happens to be the Tata Safari.

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    Around this price bracket, Tata has several other cars in its line-up, from hatchbacks to electric cars. Moreover, the vehicle at each price segment is relatively cheaper than its rivals. This makes the cars from Tata get a +1 instantly.

  4. Most importantly: Vehicle’s safety.

    Tata Punch NCAP
    Tata Punch NCAP

    Yes, we eventually had to get to the fact that Tata cars are among the safest in the market currently. Yaya, we usually se Tata surviving an impossible crash whereas its rivals turned into matchboxes. But these photographs and videos don’t tell the true story, right? This is where the crash test rating from Global NCAP come into play. Apart from a couple of cars from Tata, all have been tested at the GNCAP test facility.

    And out of all tested, non have received ratings lower than 4 stars. Now that’s safe. Additionally, after the safest car was tested at GNCAP,  Tata Punch took the second spot in the NCAP store. Yup! after Mahindra XUV700, the Punch is the safest in the county.

Ratan Tata Legendary Cars
Ratan Tata Legendary Cars / click the image to know more

These were the 4 reasons that might have aided Tata in achieving the second position in the December 2021 car sales and surpassing Hyundai in India. Moreover, Tata has broken their own sales record from about a decade ago with the sales numbers. #MadeInIndia.

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Keep it up, TATA.

In the comment section, let us know what you think of how Tata secured second place. Also, how much do you agree with the above?

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