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Tata Car Sales In September 2022 | Tata Rocking On!

Tata Motors has consistently been rising up when it comes to sales numbers. An Indian brand now giving stiff competition to Hyundai is a big deal! As for Tata car sales in September 2022, here are the numbers!

  • Punch and Nexon dominate the sales!

Tata car sales in September 2022 have gone up to 44,000 units. Compared to September 2021, this is a massive 78% growth. While all Tata cars are now selling in healthy numbers, the Punch and the Nexon have really dominated this month’s sales. Both these cars comprise 60% of the overall sales. Tata car sales in September 2022 show that Tata has almost figured out the Indian market and is meeting buyers’ needs pretty well.

Tata Nexon Kaziranga Edition
Tata Nexon Kaziranga Edition
  • EV Sales

Next up on Tata car sales in September 2022 are the electric vehicles. We all know that Tata is the biggest player in the Indian EV market right now, and the numbers are supporting the same. Last month alone, Tata sold 3,655 electric vehicles! This number is up by 1.078 units when compared to September 2021. With the new Tiago EV, Tata hopes that this number will keep increasing.

Tiago EV Launched at ₹8.49 Lakhs!*
Tiago EV Launched at ₹8.49 Lakhs!*
  • What is Tata doing right?

In September 2022, the numbers show that Tata is flourishing. But what brought on this sudden growth? Well, it is a combination of factors that have played in Tata’s favor. Firstly, Indian car buyers are now buying more SUVs than ever, and Tata has a strong lineup of SUVs. Moreover, Tata cars are known for their safety and build quality, which is slowly becoming a priority for Indians. Tata has played strong on the whole ‘Make in India’ movement as well. All these factors make for the rising sales numbers. 

Here were the Tata sales numbers for September 2022! Do you think Tata can dominate the market in the future? Let us know in the comments below!

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  2. Yes definitely but I think if they want to compete with their rivals company must focus on the design of theirs best product that is tata Nexon specially rear part of the design


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