While the Indian audience is waiting eagerly to drive the next-gen car tech, we, at GoMechanic wonder how Tesla could make a better entry into the Indian market by making slight changes to their cars. By doing these Tesla modifications, the brand can provide their car with an Indian touch and make them favourable for the Indian audience. We think some modifications to the car or maybe some before-hand preparations for the brand. Read our take and let us know in the comments section about what you think of Tesla’s arrival in India.

  1. (Temporarily) Suspend the AutoPilot

    Tesla Model S (2019)
    Tesla Model S (2019)

    Yes, Tesla is too futuristic for India. We are not ready for such tech as of now. Talking majorly about autonomous driving, the Tesla autopilot might have been a success in other countries but talking about the Indian road and traffic conditions, we are very far away from making autonomous driving a successful venture. According to us, this is the first Tesla modification that the brand needs to do before entering India.

  2. Remove “useless” features

    Tesla's Sentry Mode
    Tesla’s Sentry Mode

    Well, they aren’t exactly useless but driving a Tesla in India won’t allow you to use features like the Sentry mode much often. But, if Tesla brings this down to India, the will obviously charge you for it. Is it really fair to pay for the features which we will not be able to use? You decide!

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  3. Invest well in a proper electric infra

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    EV Charging Infrastructure

    Well, this would be one of the most obvious things that Tesla would do before entering India. This is not exactly a Tesla modification but is a necessary step towards bringing the EV future to India. In our opinion, this is the first step that Tesla should take in order to make India EV ready. Well, there is already a development plan going on where the government is pushing EV sales and working on developing the charging infra. If Tesla joins hands with an Indian manufacturer in setting up the infrastructure, there would be nothing better than that.

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  4. Make use of the CKD route

    Tesla Model S
    Tesla Model S

    Making the math clear, if Tesla enters India via the CBU (Completely Built-Up) route, their cars can attract taxes up to 100% which will make them completely unaffordable. It won’t make much sense. The modification that Tesla should plan here is the CKD (Completely Knocked Down) route where they can import the parts from outside countries and set up a small plant in India where they can assemble the vehicle. This way, they can make their cars somewhat affordable and target a large number of people!

  5. Tweak the suspension for Indian road conditions

    Tesla Modifications
    Tesla Suspension

    Tesla’s smart air suspension shown above might work well in its existing lineup but they might have to re-think their decision before entering India. Unlike most developed countries, India still hasn’t got smooth roads yet. If Tesla wants to enter India and doesn’t want its customers to be fed up of huge suspension repair costs, they should definitely plan a suitable modification to the suspension as well. This will make it more India friendly.

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  6. Suitable tyre & rim modifications

    Tesla Modifications
    Tesla Tyre

    Another important modification that Tesla should consider before entering India is the tyre profile and the alloys. They should consider putting in a thicker tyre wall which will make the tyres more suitable for the Indian road conditions. Also, this will help decrease the risk of the alloys breaking because a thicker tyre wall will not let the alloys take all the impact directly. Indian road conditions are tough and we need tough tyres for that. What do you think?

These were the 6 modifications we think Tesla needs to make in their cars or their possible action plan if they are planning to launch here anytime soon. Do you think we missed out something that Tesla needs to do? Do let us know in the comments section below!

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