India has been on a vehicle buying spree for quite some time now. Consumers are spending Millions of Rupees on cars, but are they getting a good value for their money? Year after year we see auto-manufacturers cutting costs on certain important areas. This needs to stop now. Here are 4 things that manufacturers should stop doing in 2021!

  1. Offering Safety as an Option

As of today, there are so many cars in the market like the Hyundai Creta, Mahindra XUV300, and the Ford Freestyle come with 6 airbags, ESP, Traction Control and other safety features. However, most of these features are only available in the top trims of these cars. These variants cost a lot more than the lower variants that most people purchase. It’s high time that manufacturers start giving top notch safety features throughout the range of all cars, after all, every consumer deserves to feel safe in their car.

Safety features

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  1. Cost Cutting

A lot of manufacturers tend to cut costs on small things that might go unnoticed during a test drive. Things like a full sized spare wheel, adequate storage spaces, sunglass holders are a few basic things that a buyer expects their car to have. Even today, there are many cars that still don’t offer an automatic inside rear view mirror, including the new Mahindra XUV700. Manufacturers should stop cutting costs on basic things like these!

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  1. Improving only when pointed out

This is a trend that has been going on for quite some time now. We have seen many cases where buyers have made strong complaints about their cars, and then the manufacturers have rectified them in forthcoming models. Now from a bird’s eye, it seems like it’s a good thing that the companies are listening to their buyers’ grievances and solving the issues. However, what about the people who already purchased the car, it is not fair to them since they have also spent the same amount of money, and they certainly didn’t do it to get a beta version of a car. Manufacturers should invest more time and money in practical testing of their cars, and try to launch a product with no major issues.

  1. Ignoring the quality of materials

We understand that the market is getting more competitive with every passing day. People are looking to buy the cars that are the best value for their money. Manufacturers have been cutting down costs on the materials used to bring down the overall costs of their cars. A layman doesn’t necessarily understand what build quality means and how important it is. Build Quality directly affects the safety of the passengers inside the car. Monocoque Chassis

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