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Toyota Camry Flex Fuel | Everything You Need To Know

With the number of cars increasing every day, the consumption of fuel is also increasing. Besides fuel, the amount of greenhouse gases is also something that is increasing gradually. Hence to tackle that situation, Toyota is set to launch its new Camry. The new Camry will run on Flex Fuel instead of petrol.

Toyota Camry
Toyota Camry / Image For Representation Only

The Union Minister for Road Transport & Highways, Nitin Gadkari, has said that Toyota will introduce the flex-fuel Camry automobile in the nation on September 28, 2022. at the 62nd annual meeting of SIAM.

But before we move further with the facts about the new Toyota Camry Flex Fuel, let us first look at what is Flex Fuel.

What is Flex Fuel?

Flex Fuel
Flex Fuel

Unlike petrol and diesel which are directly extracted from petroleum reservoirs, the flex-fuel is made in a laboratory. This flex-fuel is a mixture of petrol (gasoline) and ethanol or methanol. This ethanol is extracted from corn or sugarcane crops, meaning it is a renewable resource.

Additionally, the flex-fuel, which is a mixture of two fuels is stored in a single fuel tank, unlike the vehicle that uses different storage containers for fuel (bi-fuel). Well, cars running on flex-fuel should not be confused with bi-fuel cars.

Just for you to know, cars that run on bi-fuel have different containers for different fuels. A usual example is a car that runs on petrol, as well as CNG, which is termed as bi-fuel. The fuel tank and CNG cylinder are different, that makes sense!

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How does an engine run on flex fuel?

What if we say, an engine that runs on regular petrol can also run on flex-fuel? Yes! that is correct.

  • Thanks to some little to no modifications any car with the spark-ignition engine can run on this flex-fuel.
  • The modifications include a couple of additional sensors in the fuel tank.
  • These sensors can detect the percentage of ethanol in the fuel and then according to the driver’s input they deliver the precise amount of fuel into the engine via injectors.
  • Rest, it works similar to a conventional SI engine, i.e follows 4 strokes.
Car Running on Flex Fuel
Car Running on Flex Fuel

Well, similarly the engineers at the Toyota research and development facility have tweaked the engine and the ECU for the car to run on Flex Fuel.

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As of now, the Toyota has not revealed the details about the powerfigures of the Toyota Camry. Howver as Toyota is known to make some of the most efficient hybrid systems, this too is expected to be a hybrid. Meaning, it will be more fuel efficient and less polluting.

Guess well get to know the details about the Toyota Camry Flex Fuel later in this month. Mark the calenders 28th September.

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Let us know in the comment section below, what do you think, will the cars running on Flex fuel have a future in India?

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