From hatches to SUVs, Indian roads are filled with vehicles of different shapes and sizes. And while you may think you know them all, the reality is quite different. Because away from all the popularity, there have existed vehicles that were so unconventional and rare, that we bet you haven’t heard about them. So if we’ve got you curious, read on to know about 7 such unconventional and rare cars in India.

  1. The Hindustan Veer

    Hindustan Motors Veer
    Hindustan Motors Veer

    Ambassador was the name that gave Hindustan Motors the fame it needed to survive in the Indian market. And to maximize on the Ambassadors legacy, HM did everything it could. The Hindustan Veer was one such desperate move, as it was the outlandish pick-up version of the Hindustan Ambassador! Yes, you heard that right. The Hindustan Veer was indeed a pick-up vehicle that was a regular Ambassador up until the B pillar, from where its pick-up attributes sprouted. The vehicle was first available in West Bengal and was later introduced all over India.

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  2. Hindustan Trekker

    HM Trekker | *UNUSUAL* cars that ever existed
    HM Trekker

    Another rare vehicle from Hindustan Motors, the Hindustan Trekker was HM’s take on a people’s carrier. But what made it quite unique was the fact that it was built from leftover parts of the Ambassador. With a ladder-on-frame chassis, the HM Trekker looked quite utilitarian with front indicators, headlamps, and engine sourced from the Ambassador. The Trekker was later phased out from the commercial market and soon became a rare find.

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  3. The Reva-i Electric

    Reva I | India's First Electric Car
    Reva I Electric

    Now that electric cars are the talk of the town, the electric vehicle phenomenon doesn’t seem new anymore. But there was a time when electric vehicles were considered to be futuristic and unachievable for the retail markets. The Reva-i, however, changed the game and for the very first time, introduced an electric vehicle in the Indian market.

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    The Reva 1 was produced by Maini; a company that was later taken over by Mahindra. The Reva electric had a seating capacity of 2 and was a really good car for the city. However, owing to a low environmental sentiment in the market and the availability of bigger vehicles for the same price, the Reva too quickly became a rare find.

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  4. Rover Montego

    Rover Montego | credits -
    Rover Montego

    The Rover Montego is a super rare vehicle that can easily be coined as India’s first luxury sedan. The vehicle was first launched in 1991 and was available in both a station wagon as well as a sedan avatar. The car was manufactured by the underdog Sipani Automobiles. Despite being a promising car, the Montego was discontinued in 1995 making it an extremely rare vehicle.

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  5. Sipani Badal

    Sipani/Sail Badal
    Sipani Badal

    Do you remember the yellow 3-wheeled vehicle that our beloved Mr Bean used to topple around every now and then? Well, that was the popular Reliant Robin. The Sipani Badal however, was its Indian adaptation. Produced by Sipani Automobiles, the Badal came with a small 198cc engine.

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    The USP however was its unconventional three-wheel design. Even though the Badal did quite well during its initial years, its demand was later reduced to a mere 31 units. As a result, the Badal was discontinued, making every variant that was sole a rare find.

  6. The Nissan Jonga

    Jonga | A Nissan Patrol made for the Indian Army
    Nissan Jonga

    The Nissan Jonga is a super rare SUV that was a rebadged version of the Nissan Patrol sold globally. The Jonga was initially manufactured for the Indian Army. In 1996, it was also made available for civilians as well. But since its demand was too low to make a considerable profit, only 100 Jonga were made before the company stopped production in 1999.

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  7. Mahindra Voyager

    Mahindra Voyager | Rare Cars In India
    Mahindra Voyager

    Back in 1997, there weren’t many MPVs that had successful innings in the Indian market. But Mahindra tried to change the game through the Mahindra Voyager which was a rebranded Mitsubishi Delica. The Voyager was a luxurious MPV that was powered by a Peugeot-sourced 2.5-litre diesel engine, capable of returning 70 HP.

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    The Voyager, however, succumbed to the intense competition it faced from the Maruti Suzuki Omni which was relatively cheaper than the luxurious Voyager which was priced as high as Rs 5 Lakhs at that time. So we doubt you will find one on the Indian roads now.

So these were the 7 unusually rare vehicles in India. If you have a contribution for the list, mention it in the comment section below. Till then, stay pinned!

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