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Saturday, July 13, 2024
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6 Things You Will Only Find In Volkswagen Cars

Volkswagen is one of the very well known car manufacturers around the world, people love their cars. VW has given us some iconic cars too like the VW Wagon and the Beetle! VWs have always maintained a certain standard with which they make their cars. Take a look at 6 things you’ll only see in a Volkswagen!

  1. One-Touch Up and Down Windows

This is one feature that we have seen coming into cars recently. However, almost 95% of the time it is only for the driver’s side window. Volkswagen has been giving a one-touch up and down window system in its cars for years now. VW does not let the price of the car decide whether it will get this one-touch window system or not. You’ll find this feature in the older Polos too, which was an entry level offering from Volkswagen.

Volkswagen Tiguan Allspace Rear
Volkswagen Tiguan Allspace
  1. Excellent Engine Tuning

This is something that enthusiasts really appreciate. Even in small capacity engines, VW manages to pack a punch that gives you a grin every time you floor the accelerator. Volkswagen has also somehow managed to pack in decent fuel efficiency levels even in these powerhouse engines.

Volkswagen Virtus

  1. Impeccable Gearshifts

It is only now that we have started to see a dual-clutch gearbox on the more famous, Korean cars. Volkswagen has been shipping their cars with a dual-clutch unit for as long as we can remember now, and they have been immaculate. VW never faced any issues with gearbox, unlike the Korean ones. Apart from this, even the manual transmissions on VW cars have been known to be extremely slick shifting and satisfying.

Volkswagen DSG
Volkswagen DSG
  1. Solid Build Quality

This is something Volkswagen has never compromised on. Being a German brand, the carmaker takes built and safety very seriously. No matter what car you’re in, a Polo or a Tiguan, you will always feel safe within the walls of your Volkswagen.

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  1. Amazing High Speed Stability

This is another aspect in which the European genes show their true colours. Every single Volkswagen has fabulous high-speed stability. The body roll is so well contained that it feels like the car is glued to its track. The steering weighs up very well, adding to the confidence that these cars inspire.

  1. Understated and Elegant Looks

Volkswagen cars are known to be very classy, understated and elegant looking. This design language is something that is appreciated by a lot of people, but it is also criticized by a lot. However, even with the newer cars, Volkswagen continues to follow its business class, elegant approach to its products. What makes it appealing is the no nonsense approach that VW follows. There is no intimidating clutter of buttons, not everything is reliant on the touch-screen, overall, this builds up to a very practical, yet classy cabin.

Volkswagen Taigun

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  1. Point number 3. doesn’t hold good in India. When it works, it’s the best gearshift but the DSG AQ200 mechatronics failure has really spoiled the name of VW and Skoda in India. I have suffered this personally and spent Rs 60000 to replace mechatronics unit. Even with 50% discount this is a hefty penalty for enjoying the DSG gearshift.

    • Hi Pushpinder, that sure sounds rough. However, here we have tried to point out the performance that VW’s DSG offers more than its reliability

  2. Incorrect to say that Volkswagen Dual Clutch ATs were reliable. They were not. You can find a lot stories online. And there will be others who have not posted online.

    • Hi Suman, that is right. However, here we have tried to point out the performance that VW’s DSG offers more than it’s reliability


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