Car driving is all fun until you just gaze out and forget a part of your journey. This creepy phenomenon is known as Highway Hypnosis. To understand in detail, let’s take an example. You were on a highway from some time and just saw that your destination is 50kms away. The next thing you can remember is that your destination is 30kms away. What happened during those 20kms? You are still driving on the road unscratched, so you have not been in an accident. But you don’t remember at all! Well, this is when the Highway Hypnosis has taken a part of your memory. Let’s understand this phenomenon in detail.

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What triggers Highway Hypnosis?

Highway Hypnosis
Highway Hypnosis

There are plenty of reasons apart from fatigue that can result in highway hypnosis. Monotonous highway roads with no separate visuals can result in the same. You are on a road and a bit tired, you might phase out as the brain apprehends visual cues and operates on the basis of predictions rather than the real-time view. In short, your brain goes on an auto-pilot mode, the reason behind you not recalling anything during the drive. Highway Hypnosis can lead to dangerous situations as the brain cannot predict a sudden change in the scenario. You might lose control and end up in an accident.

So, how to prevent Highway Hypnosis?

There are a few ways on how you can prevent your brain from going into auto-pilot mode.

  1. Caffeine Intake

    Caffeine intake | Highway Hypnosis
    How to prevent Highway Hypnosis? | Caffeine intake | Source

    Caffeine can help in preventing the hypnosis as it keeps your senses heightened. Even if you are not tired or feeling sleepy, taking small portions of caffeine drinks at short intervals can help your brain to remain in vigilance.

  2. Music

    Infotainment Systems: Must-have Comfort features in cars
    Infotainment Systems: Must-have Comfort features in cars

    Just don’t listen to music, sing with it. The only way to prevent hypnosis is to keep yourself engaged. Increase the volume and start grooving to the music while you drive.

  3. Drive with a Company

    Bring your friends along | | Highway Hypnosis
    Bring your friends along with | Source

    Try not to wander alone on highways. Driving alone has a different feel, I know, but if you are constantly caught by highway hypnosis, try not to perform the stunt alone. Bring your friends along, or at least any company will help. Maintain the social distancing though! Indulge yourself in talking with the accompanies so that you don’t get fazed out.

  4. Cabin Temperature

    Renault Kwid AC Controls | Highway Hypnosis
    Renault Kwid AC Controls

    If you feel that the cabin temperature is too cosy, it’s time to get it right. A cosy environment can lead to sleepiness and you might experience highway hypnosis. So, open up the windows, let the fresh breeze come in and keep you upright.

  5. Seat adjustment

    Adjustable Car Seat
    Adjustable Car Seat

    Don’t lay too back. Try to keep your position upright so that you have a proper field of vision and there is a less chance of fatigue too.

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BannerSo next time you head out on a trip, make sure that you follow the above tips in order to have a safe journey. Got some questions? Do let us know in the comments section below.

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