Timely maintenance is vital for anything to provide optimum performance and utility. From your microwaves to your vehicles, each and everything demands to be pampered and maintained from time to time. This is aptly the reason why Annual Maintenance Contracts or AMCs are so popular and important.

When you think car service, think GoMechanic!
When you think car service, think GoMechanic!

And since we at GoMechanic, care for your beloved vehicle just like you do, we proudly bring to you the GoMechanic Miles Program; an Annual Maintenance Contract, tailor-made to offer all-round maintenance for your vehicle. But don’t just hop into it because we are saying. Read on to know how an Annual Maintenance Contract can actually benefit you and your vehicle.

What is an Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC)?

Before you delve into whether an AMC suits your needs, it’s crucial to know what an AMC is and how does it work. Simply put, an Annual Maintenance Contract is an agreement between you and your maintenance service provider that calls for your service provider to provide all-around regular maintenance for your product that is covered under the terms of the contract annually. Generally, almost all AMC contracts entail regular/periodic maintenance services that are offered at a special/discounted price.

Reasons to opt-in for an Annual Maintenance Contract

Now that you have a fair idea as to what entails an Annual Maintenance Contract, you can now delve into the reasons as to why you should opt-in for one.

  1. Saves Money and makes your budgeting easier

    Cars are expensive machines. But that surely doesn’t stop you from owning and maintaining one. And since every vehicle requires timely services and quality repair, knowing who you will be paying and how much you will be paying/savings to do that can make your life and budget a whole lot easier.

    With an AMC by your side, you can pre-determine your vehicle service provider and the schedule of your vehicle’s service and rule out any unpredictability. In fact, with GoMechanic Miles on your side, you can also enjoy a price benefit, and opt-in for a “peace of mind” package for a duration as long as 15 months and a price as low as ₹999. Excited? We knew you would be. Check out the special GoMechanic Miles package price for your vehicle, it just starts at ₹999. (Depending upon your vehicle)

  2. Get Exclusive Perks and Benefits

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    If you are someone who loves to avail perks and benefits, then an AMC is totally for you. Since all Annual Maintenance Contracts tie you up with a particular service provider, they often come with specialized perks and benefits that honour your loyalty. And if you happen to have GoMechanic Miles on your side, then be ready to indulge in a whole new perky experience, because with Miles, you can avail special discounts on all services, each and every time you get your car serviced, no questions asked. And if you are keen to know what awaits you, here’s a list of perks waiting for you.

  3. Leave Service worries to the Experts

    Pamper Your Car This Christmas & New Year With GoMechanic
    Pamper Your Car This Christmas & New Year With GoMechanic

    Another great benefit of choosing an Annual Maintenance Contract like the GoMechanic Miles is that once you are on board, you will never need to worry about quality service. With GoMechanic, you can be assured of expert mechanics taking care of each and every service your vehicle requires, so that you can focus on your work, while we make your vehicle ready to take on the road.

    introducing miles
    introducing miles

    Download GoMechanic App today and Don’t forget to subscribe to GoMechanic Miles

  4. Emergency support when you need it

    Life is unpredictable. You never know when an emergency hits, and no one wants to be caught off guard. Having an AMC like GoMechanic Miles is something that can save you when things go south. With this comprehensive service, you will be able to rely on your service partner if you happen to face an emergency situation. Similarly, with GoMechanic Miles, you get an annual emergency service package that caters to situations where you can be caught off guard. From Road Side Assistance to express repairs, GoMechanic Miles get you covered at all times.

    Visit the GoMechanic App and avail a special 10% discount especially for you!

    Now that you have a fair idea of how an AMC can actually benefit you and your vehicle, it’s time you head on to the GoMechanic App and buy the GoMechanic Miles package, made especially for your vehicle.

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