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8 Most Memorable Bikes In GTA!

The GTA Series is one of the most popular games in the world, ever. Played by millions, the best part of every GTA game was the freedom. It really gave us a sense of living another life in the parallel! Riding around the cities was one of my personal favourite things to do. So here’s a list of the 8 most memorable bikes in GTA!

  1. Freeway

Starting with the big daddy, Freeway was a bulky cruiser. It was most likely based on a Harley Davidson from the 1990s. The Freeway was slow initially, but boy did it pick up pace. Considering the top speed, it is one of the fastest bikes in GTA.

  1. PCJ-600

The PCJ-600 was based on a GSX-600 from the late 1980s. It was not the fastest, but it was quite quick. The best part about the PCJ-600 was its nimble handling and precise braking.

  1. Faggio

The quirky scooter, Faggio is based on the Vespa. It is not the fastest amongst the bikes, but it’s good to roam around the city. Steal up a Faggio and take it along the coast to enjoy it best!

  1. Sanchez

The dirt bike of GTA, Sanchez is best suited for off-road riding. Long travel suspension and good low-end torque helps it climb rough patches with ease. Personally, I loved jumping this bike off of random ramps across the city!

  1. FCR-900

The fastest bike in GTA, the FCR-900 was based on the Ducati 900ss. It was used in quite a few missions for chasing people. It was available in a street-fighter version as well as a fully faired variant.


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  1. Angel

This was one of the official gangster bikes of GTA. A chopper style motorcycle, the Anger was pretty similar to the Freeway. Consider it to be a stripped-down, lighter version of the Freeway.


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  1. NRG-900

Based on the Suzuki GSX1000, the NRG came in 2 variants in GTA. A street version intended for city and highway use, and a track version (NRG-900RR). The track version was an insane machine, the power was significantly higher than the road variant.

  1. Hellfury

Another chopper, the Hellfury was also pretty similar to the Freeway. The Hellfury’s wheels were extended a lot further ahead towards the front, making it difficult to handle. This elongated wheelbase made sure that the Hellfire was pretty stable at high speeds, which made it good for highway chases and drag races!


So here were a few bikes in GTA that we deeply miss! Let us know in the comments which of these was your favourite!

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