When it comes to the automotive market, we are happy to report, India comes in the world’s top 5 countries. Well, this has not always been the case in India. It was the last decade, that has witnessed a steep growth in the demand for cars. So, today we will see the best selling cars in India.

Despite the growing industry, there are carmakers that were not able to take advantage of the development. But this in no terms means that the cars were not up to the mark. Keeping that aside, here are 16 cars that brought good luck to the respective car manufacturer in India.

  1. Chevrolet Beat (2011)

    Chevrolet Beat 2010
    Chevrolet Beat

    It was awful seeing Chevrolet, one of the world’s leading car manufacturer, to exit India. Nevertheless, this carmaker had exceptional cars in their portfolio, from iconic Cruze to robust trailblazer. But it was Chevy Beat that managed the maximum sales from their portfolio. In 2011, Chevrolet Beat made it to more than 40,000 homes.

  2. Datsun RediGo (2017)

    Datsun RediGo
    Datsun RediGo

    Next to Chevrolet it was Datsun that was not able to manage good car sales numbers in India. However, the best selling car from this carmaker’s stable is the Datsun RediGo. It was 2017 when more than 27,000 RediGo’s were sold in the span of one year. These numbers are really low when compared to its rivals, but something is always better than no sales at all.

  3. Fiat Punto (2011)

    Fiat Punto and linea Range Discontinued- The BS6 Effect
    Fiat Punto

    Over the years there is a new segment below the hatchback that is growing linearly, hot hatches. If you are not aware, these are the so-called ordinary cars with not so ordinary powertrain. Well, Fiat Punto was among the first cars to be categorised as a hot hatch in Indian conditions. In addition to that, Punto was like a lucky charm for Fiat as it could manage a sale of about 11,000 units in 2011.

  4. Ford Figo (2011)

    Hatchbacks with best road presence
    Ford Figo

    The American carmaker, Ford, is known to manufacture cars with unmatched handling. One of the cars to land in this category is the Ford Figo. It is exciting to break it to you that Figo, was among the luckiest car in the company’s portfolio next to Endeavour. In 2011, Ford sold more than 74,000 units on Figo in one year.

  5. Honda City (2014)

    2014 Honda City
    2014 Honda City

    When talking about petrol engines, Honda is the first name that comes into the heads of most people. And when it comes to the price to power ratio, it is Honda City that rules the C-segment sedan in the Indian market (It still does). No wonder Honda City is *THE* best selling car in Honda’s line-up. That said, in 2014 City manages the highest sales for Honda. More than 77,000 Cities were sold in FY2014.

  6. Hyundai Grand i10 (2017)

    Hyundai Grand i10 CNG
    Hyundai Grand i10

    Over the years Hyundai i10 has been one of the top-selling cars from this Korean company in India. And long ago, but not so long ago, the new interaction, Grand i10 managed the maximum sales in 2017 for Hyundai. To be exact, more than 1,54,000 Grand i10s were sold in that year.

  7. Kia Seltos (2020)

    Kia Seltos GTX
    Kia Seltos GTX

    Another Korean carmaker in India is Kia and their first vehicle that entered the domestic market was an instant hit. The price to power ratio and the features Seltos offers are exceptional. That said, last year, Kia managed to sell more than 96,000 Seltos in the country. To be specific, Kia Seltos is among the most powerful compact SUVs in the sub 20 lakhs category.

  8. Mahindra Bolero (2012)

    Mahindra Bolero
    Mahindra Bolero

    The Indian automotive giant Mahindra and Mahindra have their business spread in many automotive sectors. Well, the commercial and utility sector is the brands USP. It is evident as the old but robust SUV Bolero is still on sale and is selling big time. Concreting the Bolero’s place back in 2012 Mahindra was sold a little over 1,13,000 Boleros pan India.

  9. Maruti Suzuki Alto (2011)

    maruti suzuki alto k10
    maruti suzuki alto k10

    One car in this list that has never stepped down from the podium of sales numbers is the Maruti Suzuki Alto. This small little hatch has been there in the market for more than 2 decades. Still, it is going strong. It was 2011 when Maruti Suzuki broke their own record of maximum altos sold. Back then Maruti sold more than 3,11,000 Altos in one year.

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  10. MG Hector (2020)

    MG Hector 2021
    MG Hector 2021

    Having limited cars in their portfolio it is obvious the MG Hector made it to this list. Additionally, the Chinese owner British carmaker MG did update this SUV in January 2021. This is where the deal became a little more tempting and appealings. That said, in 2020 MG managed to get decent sales and sold more than 25,000 Hectors in the market.

  11. Nissan Micra (2011)

    Renault Pulse Rebadged as Nissan Micra
    Nissan Micra

    Despite having a really exceptional vehicle line-up the Japanese car manufacturer that has not seen more bright days in India is Nissan. This carmaker has struggled most of the time but that said, Nissan has experienced a little better days in the past. The best selling car from Nissan’s stable is not the Sunny but Micra. Not to forget, Micra was the first budget car in the country to support keyless entry and go. And combing all the factors in 2011 Nissan sold decent 18,000 cars in a year. Which is their maximum to date. And it is speculated that Nissan Magnite might just break this record.

  12. Renault Kwid (2016)

    Renault Kwid KZ-E
    Renault Kwid

    The small car or budget car category has never seen a drastic downfall. And Renault Kwid is among the hatchbacks leading this segment, after cars from Maruti Suzuki. When talking about Renault and their best selling cars, Duster might just pop in most of our heads, we were among them. But it is the Renault Kwid that was and still is the best selling car for this French carmaker. In 2016 Renault reported selling little over 1,05,000 Kwids in the entire country.

  13. Skoda Rapid (2012)

    Rapid 1.0 L TSI
    Skoda Rapid

    Last year Rapid was the saviour for the renowned carmaker Skoda. And the same was the case in 2012. In the old days, Skoda Rapid was available with multiple engines and transmission options. The potent powertrain coupled with precise and exciting driving dynamics made this sedan worth buying. So, this Rapid made its way in more than 22,000 homes in 2012.

  14. Tata Tiago (2018)

    Tata Tiago Diesel
    Tata Tiago

    Another Indian car manufacturer Tata has witnessed a lot of criticism for its line-up of cars. Despite that Tata, never gave up and today this manufacturer boasts of top of the line cars with exceptional NCAP safety rating. This lends the customers a sense of trust for the brand. This is why in 2018 Tata sold over 92,000 Tiagos in a single year.

  15. Toyota Innova (2018)

    Toyota Innova
    Toyota Innova

    The king of MPV undoubtedly has to be the Toyota Innova. Well, Innova has been there in the Indian market for more than a decade now. And over the years, this comfortable MPV has witnessed numerous updates. But with the launch of Innova Crysta, it was a completely different scenario. Despite getting expensive Toyota manages to sell more than 78,000 Innovas in FY2018.

  16. Volkswagen Polo (2011)

    Volksfest Edition Volkswagen Polo
    Volksfest Edition Volkswagen Polo

    The German carmaker Volkswagen has repeatedly delayed the lunch of the next-gen Polo in India. Well, it will not be wrong saying, because of this Volkwagen has not witnessed good sales number. But we are happy to report by the year-end we may see the new Polo from Volkswagen. But till then, the maximum number of cars sold from the Volkswagen stable was Polo back in 2011. Talking numbers, about 40,000 Polos were sold in that year across India.

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So these were 16 car manufacturers in India and their best selling cars so far. Let us know in the comment section, which one is your favourite and why?

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