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Car Sales Report April 2021, Hyundai Shows The Least Decline

With the second wave of COVID-19 hitting India badly, it was expected for sure that the car sales for April 2021 won’t turn out to be good. But considering how bad the wave has struck India, car sales have been decent. In today’s featured, we are going to take you through the brand-wise car sales report for April 2021.

  1. Maruti Suzuki India Ltd. (1,35,879 Units)

    Maruti Suzuki WagonR
    Maruti Suzuki WagonR

    Not difficult to guess Maruti is at the top for car sales in April 2021. Maruti Suzuki has been the top-selling car brand in India for time immemorial now. For April 2021, Maruti Suzuki ended up selling 1,35,879 units and posed an MoM drop of 7.06%. For a brand like Maruti, which deals in such high sale numbers, even 7% counts so they cannot afford such a loff figure too. But considering the pandemic, selling over 1 Lakh units is definitely commendable.

  2. Hyundai Motors India Ltd. (49,002 Units)

    The Officially Revealed Hyundai Alcazar

    This car is surely expected to push Hyundai’s sale a lot. HMIL ranked second for car sales in April 2021. The availability of turbo-petrol engines throughout Hyundai has really stepped the game up in the Indian automotive market. For April 2021, Hyundai ended up selling 49,002 units which are less than 50% of what Maruti sold in the same month.

  3. Tata Motors (25,095 Units)

    Tata Altroz XT
    Tata Altroz XT

    The flagbearer for safe cars in India, Tata is climbing the sales chart gradually. The desi carmaker ended April 2021 with a sale of 25,095 units. Be it Nexon, Tiago or Altroz, Tata Motors is achieving new heights every single day. While they have raised their standards very much, they are continuously working on improving their car’s performance & luxuries every now and then.

  4. Mahindra & Mahindra (18,285 Units)

    Mahindra Scorpio | Made In India Cars
    Mahindra Scorpio | Made In India Cars

    In 4th place, we have another Indian automaker. Mahindra is also gaming the fastest growing automotive brands in India. Be it the cult – Scorpio or the upcoming XUV700, the audience is always excited to buy a Mahindra. How can we skip mentioning the 1-year waiting period of Thar here! Considering all the hype that Mahindra creates by repeatedly testing their cars on the roads without announcing the launch date for over a year, it is completely justified that the audience buys Mahindra in huge numbers!

  5. Kia Motors India (16,111 Units)

    Front Profile
    Front Profile

    With the new logo and added features, Kia’s Seltos and Sonet have arrived in the dealerships. Considering the fact that the new logo, new stuff went on sale in May 2021, April 2021 wasn’t expected to be this good for Kia Motors as most people would have decided to wait for the updates. Considering this situation, even 16k units is a very good number for the Korean automaker in India because another factor for low sales that remains constant across the market is obviously the ongoing pandemic.

  6. Toyota Kirloskar India (9,621 Units)

    Toyota holds resale value ft
    Toyota holds resale value ft

    Yes, it does hold resale value but you need to pay a high initial cost to own a Toyota which makes the overall sale number of Toyota go down in comparison to other brands. Though Toyota couldn’t hit the 10k mark in the car sales report of April 2021, we can surely say that the customers who have bought a Toyota would rejoice in their decision in the long run. For those who have bought the Urban Cruiser or the Glanza, we would love to hear from you, the reason behind choosing a Maruti with a different face!

  7. Honda Cars India Ltd. (9,072 Units)

    2022 Honda Civic | Credits- Autocar
    2022 Honda Civic

    Wait, don’t rush to the comments section saying it’s not here yet. We have put the image to know your thoughts on Honda’s latest international reveal. Now, you can go to the comments section. All yours! Coming to the sales report for April 2021, Honda ended up selling 9,072 units in India. The City, Amaze and others in the portfolio have been well sold throughout the month making Honda, the only brand other than Mahindra to show an MoM growth of a whopping 27.72% which is definitely great considering the current situation.

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  8. Renault India (8,642 Units)

    9 pseudo SUVs in India
    Renault Kiger

    Be it the Kiger or the Triber, Renault has finally entered many households in India after a very long time. Renault was struggling a bit because people only bought their Duster and almost nothing after that. We could see only Kwid competing against the Alto. Now with the launch of Triber and the Kiger, Renault is back in the market for sure. For April 2021, Renault ended up selling 8,642 Units.

  9. Ford India (5,469 Units)

    Ford Ecosport SE
    Ford Ecosport SE

    The American automaker who is experiencing dipped sales in India as of now. With the launch of EcoSport SE, they have tried to bring something new in their Indian lineup. Considering the sale of 5,469 units in the car sales report April 2021 by Ford, we can easily see that there is an MoM drop. For those wondering what the exact drop is, it is 24.40%!

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  10. Nissan Motor India (3,369 Units)

    10 cars with highest waiting period
    Nissan Magnite

    Finally gaining some pace in the Indian market with the Magnite, Nissan India is also climbing up gradually. Talking about car sales in April 2021, Nissan ended the month with a sale of 3,369 units which is not that bad considering they have only one car that is selling well in India as of now.

Here is a tabular representation of the above data

Car Manufacturer April 2021 Sales  March 2021 Sales  MoM Difference 
Maruti Suzuki India Ltd. 1,35,879 1,46,203 -7.06%
Hyundai Motor India Ltd. 49,002 52,600 -6.84%
Tata Motors 25,095 29,564 -15.37%
Mahindra & Mahindra 18,285 16,700 9.49%
Kia Motors India 16,111 19,100 -15.65%
Toyota Kirloskar Motors 9,621 15,001 -35.86%
Honda Cars India Ltd. 9,072 7,103 27.72%
Renault India 8,642 12,356 -30.06%
Ford India 5,469 7,746 -29.40%
Nissan Motor India 3,369 4,012 -16.03%

*Data Source: RushLane

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