10 Cars In India Equipped Cornering Lights

Cars with cornering lights-ft
Cars with cornering lights-ft

Did you know many modern cars come with a useful feature called cornering lights? Well, for your information, these lights illuminate the extremes of the front left and the right as the steering wheel is rotated. But if you further want to know it’s working, here is everything about:

Cornering Lights: Are They Any Useful In India?

With that out of the way, let’s count down 10 car in India that offer the convenience of cornering lights.

  1. Hyundai i20

    Cars with Cornering Lights | Hyundai i20

    Hyundai recently updated its premium hatchback and gave it a complete overhaul. In this new generation of the Hyundai i20, the company did not compromise on the luxury features and gizmos. That said, the new i20 does come with cornering headlights.

    Apart from that, the hatch boasts of a single pod projector headlight setup. But sadly the bulbs are halogens. PS. the cornering lights are available with these advanced headlights only.

  2. Hyundai Verna

    Cars with Cornering Lights | 2020 Hyundai Verna

    Another car from the Korean auto giant to sport cornering lights is the Hyundai Verna. Again, this c-segment sedan was also updated last year but got some subtle changes. This update had a couple of additions to its long list of features.

    One was the cornering lights. This time around, the new all-LED headlights get a cornering light feature. Not to forget, the headlight with the projector set-up also boasts of this feature.

  3. Tata Nexon

    Cars with Cornering Lights | Tata Nexon

    Moving on, to one of the largest Indian carmaker Tata. The first car under 15lakhs from Tata to get cornering headlights was the Nexon. Here, a thing to note is that majority of the carmakers integrate the cornering lights in the headlights.

    Whereas Tata offers the cornering light feature in its fog lamps. Also, the new updated Tata Nexon gets a projector headlight setup.

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  4. Nissan Magnite

    Nissan Magnite

    Just like the Tata, Nissan Magnite also boasts of the cornering headlight feature in its foglamps. But keeping that aside, having this feature in such an affordable car is a mouth-watering deal in itself.

    Apart from that, Nissan Magnite also comes with a ton of features in and out. But another USP of this subcompact SUV has to be the all-LED headlight set up in selected variants.

  5. Mahindra XUV500

    Cars with Cornering Lights | Mahindra XUV500 BS6

    It’s really delightful to see that Indian car makers do put attention to detail. Mahindra XUV500 was among the first SUV at the price to get cornering lights. Also, it was 2011 when Mahindra XUV500 was introduced in the Indian market.

    Still, the car is going strong but has witnessed a little downfall in sales. That said, Mahindra is about to launch its successor XUV700 in the Indian market soon.

  6. Skoda Rapid

    Cars with Cornering Lights | Skoda rapid

    Skoda is a Czech car maker that is owned by the Volkswagen group. And talking about its vehicles, Skoda Rapid is one of the vehicles that offer a cornering lights feature. With that said, as of now, the Skoda Rapid offers both a projector setup as well as a halogen reflector setup. Skoda also exclaims that they might introduce the new Rapid this year.

  7. Nissan Kicks

    Cars with Cornering Lights | Nissan Kicks Turbo

    Nissan Kicks is another compact SUV in this sea of small SUV’s. The only thing that was different about it and actually exciting was the 154 BHP turbo petrol engine that surely made enthusiasts scream. Sadly it couldn’t hit the spot for Indian buyers.

  8. Jeep Compass

    Cars with Cornering Lights | 2021 Jeep Compass Facelift Launched

    Launched in 2017, the much-awaited entry of the Jeep Compass in India was surely a big bang. Muscular looks, ample amount of bells and whistles and Fiat-sourced petrol and diesel engine options producing an ample amount of power, it was a recipe of success. The facelift is about to hit the roads and although there are a lot of options in this segment, no car can match the road presence of this car.

  9. MG Gloster

    MG Gloster Front

    The MG Gloster is another car that created a lot of buzz before its launch. Finally, there was a worthy competitor to the Toyota Fortuner and it surely is. A 218 BHP twin-turbo diesel engine placed in a warm cosy big ass cocoon is what Indians needed. It’s too early to say whether it’s time to see a new segment leader but if any car can do it then it’s the Gloster.

  10. Mahindra Alturas G4

    Mahindra Alturas G4

    Just like many great SUV’s who failed, the Mahindra Alturas G4 also came in the SUV segment with a full bang. Great design, a good torquey engine and legit offroad capabilities. But sadly it too had to lay its weapons down in front of the great Toyota.

So, these are the cars that come equipped with a unique and handy feature called cornering lights. There are more such cars that offer cornering lights. There always is a part 2. Let us know in the comment section which car should be added in part 2?

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