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Toyota Fortuner Legender VS MG Gloster: A SUV Comparison

The Toyota Fortuner Legender has finally arrived in India. Toyota India has placed its bet in the territory it knows fairly well by now.

The Fortuner Legender is joined by another facelift version of the Fortuner which is going to help the Japanese automaker regain its SUV crown.

While the two variants are riding on some high expectations, it does face stiff competition. The likes of Ford Endeavour, MG Gloster, and Mahindra Alturas G4 might make the Fortuner lose on some sales numbers.

However, out of all those mighty SUVs, the MG Gloster is the one to focus on. With the Legender and the Gloster carrying some same set of features, the comparison between the two is a must.

So, let’s look at the Toyota Fortuner Legender and the MG Gloster and find out which of them packs more punch.

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The Price: Toyota Fortuner Legender vs MG Gloster

MG Gloster
MG Gloster

The MG Gloster was released late last year with much fanfare. The latest car from MG has launched quite accurately and with an attractive price as well. The MG Gloster starts from a very competitive price of ₹29.98 lakhs and ends at ₹35.58 lakhs, which makes it a car to be considered.

On the other hand, from the garage of the Toyota comes the Legender which surely comes at a much larger price tag. Starting at a price of ₹37.58 lakhs, Toyota has surely decided to capitalise on the Fortuner brand name here.


Fortuner Legender In White Colour
Fortuner Legender In White Colour

The MG Gloster surely wins the game by numbers. When it comes to the dimensions, the MG Gloster is longer, wider and taller by some margin.

Dimensions Fortuner Legender MG Gloster
Length 4,795 mm 4,985 mm
Height 1,835 mm 1,867 mm
Width 1,855 mm 1,926 mm
Wheelbase 2,745 mm 2,950 mm


The Fortuner Legender seems to be rather relatively (relatively being the keyword here) compact when compared to the MG Gloster.

Engine: MG Gloster Vs Fortuner Legender

Toyota Fortuner (representational image)
Toyota Fortuner (representational image)

The engines beneath the hood of both these cars are something worth envying. Let’s look at the figures the engines on these cars have to offer.

Criteria Fortuner Legender MG Gloster
Power 201 bhp 215 bhp
Torque 500 Nm 480 Nm
Displacement 2,755 cc 1,996 cc
Mileage 10 km/l 12.4 km/l

The figures mentioned above are for the 2.8-litre turbo diesel engine in the Legender and the 2,0-litre turbo diesel in the Gloster.

The Looks | Gloster vs The Legender

MG Gloster
MG Gloster:

When it comes to the exterior and the looks of both the vehicles there’s a very clear distinction. While the Gloster tends to be a bit more composed and luxurious on the outside, the Legender knows how to play hard off the road.

Toyota has decided to shed away from the typical idea of the Fortuner and tried to make it look like it should- rugged yet practical. The sportier additions include quad-LED headlamps. The front also gets a redesigned bumper and a larger redesigned central air dam.

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What To Expect | Fortuner Legender vs MG Gloster

2021 Toyota Fortuner Legender
2021 Toyota Fortuner Legender

The Fortuner Legender does come at a premium of around ₹2 lakhs against the MG Gloster. Since its launch, the Gloster has been able to sustain itself in the Endeavour-Fortuner dominated segment.

Does the Fortuner Legender pack a punch enough to sustain its crown? Or will the Gloster sweep the top spot away? That’s something most of us are eager to know.

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