When a new technology is developed, they are the high-end luxury cars that get treatment of the new tech. And later in some years, they are made for the average consumer (maybe). Well, these features definitely enhance the experience of owning the vehicle. So, speaking of these features, here are 10 such features that are satisfying and fascinating.

  1. Swivel Seats

    Swivel Seats
    Swivel Seats

    This is a feature that can be installed aftermarket for the needy. But there was a time when the car makers like Cadillac used to equip their luxury cars with swivel seats. What does this feature do, you may ask? Well, the front seat can swivel sideways and also face towards the back. This feature is also common in high-end MPVs and station wagons.

  2. Fragrance Dispenser

    fragrance dispenser
    fragrance dispenser

    Okay, in the current scenario, there are mid-range cars that come with a fragrance dispenser. If you are not aware of the fact that good fragrances have a really positive impact on our brain and make us productive. Now keeping that aside, in luxury cars you have a choice of different fragrances to dispense with a push of a button. But this is not the case with mid-range cars. One of the (mid-range) cars to get the fragrance dispenser from the factory is Kia Sonet.

  3. Umbrella Holder

    umbrella holder
    umbrella holder

    It all started with Rolls Royce and many luxury carmakers now have integrated this into their vehicles. Skoda does offer an umbrella with an umbrella holder in the premium sedan Superb in India. This feature may be used in a limited period of the year but it surely has a deep impact on the elegance of the vehicle.

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  4. Top Speed key

    Top Speed Key
    Top Speed Key

    The only car that comes to mind when talking top speed is Bugatti Veyron. And it’s super exciting to report that Bugatti Chiron is one of the cars to get 2 sets of keys. One for the conventional tune that is restricted to around 380kmph. But if you want to extract the full potential of the car you ought to insert another key. This key unleashed the beast mode and the car can reach a top speed of 420kmph. It’ll definitely be fun.

  5. Massaging Seats

    Massaging Seats
    Massaging Seats

    Now this one doesn’t seem unique but definitely is breathtaking. And to get to know massaging seats, you have to experience it. For you to know, these seats also have different modes and settings. These comfy massaging seats will cool you down after a tiring day. Depending upon the car the seats can massage your back, thighs, torso and even head (from the back).

  6. Smart Sunroof

    history of the sunroof and moonroof
    history of the sunroof and moonroof | fascinating car features

    Before digging into this feature, let me clear the difference between sunroof and moonroof. Most of the cars with openable glass on the roof is called moon roof and the one that cannot be opened is the sunroof. Now coming back to the sunroof control, this glass is mostly tinted. Then there are cars that have a smart electronic sunroof that can change the opacity with a touch of a button. Teslas are a prominent example that has such a feature.

  7. Electronic gear knob

    Jaguar Gear Knob
    Jaguar Gear Knob

    Cars with automatic transmission either have a button or a physical gear selector knob. But what if we say there exists an electronic gear knob? Well, this knob will welcome you and come out of its housing so that you can change gears and drive the vehicle. Later when you are done with the drive it will automatically retract itself to rest. How cool is that!

  8. In-built vacuum cleaner

    Honda Vacuum Cleaner
    Honda Vacuum Cleaner

    A vacuum cleaner for a vehicle is something you can buy as an accessory for your vehicle. But what if we say that there are cars that come with inbuilt vacuum cleaners? These usually are MPVs that come with a vacuum cleaner inbuilt. In many countries, minivans or MPVs are used to carry children. An where there are children, the vehicle is bound to get dirty from the inside. One such vehicle to have a vacuum cleaner is Honda’s flagship MPV, Oddessy.

  9. Night Vision

    Night Vision Camera
    Night Vision Camera | fascinating car features

    The 360-degree camera is a common thing now. The feature that is not so common is night vision. Additionally, this night vision technology is an extension to the 360-degree camera where the front camera also doubles up as night vision in luxury cars. This is where the driver gets to see everything at night that’s in front. The vehicle that sure shot has this feature is the Mercedes Benz S600 Maybach.

  10. 4 Wheel steering

    4 Wheel Steering
    Car 4 Wheel Steering | fascinating car features

    Heard about 4 wheel drive vehicle? Yes! obviously. But with the advancing technology, there also exist a 4 wheel steering (just like a monster truck). 4 wheel steering helps to manoeuvre cars that are extra long, more like a limo. Luxury cars like Mercedes Benz S600 and Audi A8L are offered with this feature. This comes in real handy when manoeuvring these cars in tight spaces. At low speeds, the rear tyres turn in the opposite direction of the front wheels. And at high speeds, the rear wheels turn in the same direction to change lanes on the highway faster.

So, there are some of the features that are definitely a part of luxury cars across the globe.

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