One’s car is undoubtedly his most-prized possession and to keep this possession evergreen it is necessary to get it serviced regularly. Now we all know how important it is to get your car serviced by professional mechanics at a regular interval, but there is another important aspect in maintaining a good state for your car which we must look upon and that is the spare parts.

Here’s why genuine spare parts are always better

Studies show that a large population of the country get their car serviced by local mechanics. Many automotive enthusiasts believe that ‘The biggest disadvantage of these local workshops is the absence of genuine spare parts in their services.’

  • These local workshops generally don’t use OEM/OES spare parts because they are expensive and the negative impact of this cost-cutting is born by car.
  • The non-genuine parts get worn off quickly and harm the car in multiple ways.
  • The car also needs to get more frequently serviced because now the problems re-appear more often.
  • Genuine car spare parts are not only of high quality but are also reliable.

Being manufactured by the parent company of the vehicle itself they are compatible, fits well under the required specifications and effectively reduces the maintenance costs in the long run even after being more expensive than most of the aftermarket counterparts.

The Bottom Line

But a major issue these days is finding original and reliable spare parts in the market and that too on time because there are loads of counterfeit parts. GoMechanic encountered some similar problems during our 4 years of successful operations, and to tackle this problem we came forward with our range of car spare parts.

GoMechanic Spares is currently India’s fastest growing range of car spares network and we are proud to present this huge range of spare parts for your bikes and cars.

GoMechanic Range of Genuine Spare Parts

GoMechanic Racemax

GoMechanic Racemax

Introducing GoMechanic Racemax; a range of premium bike engine oils. These engine oils are offered with range comprises high-performance 2-wheeler engine oils of fully synthetic, synthetic-blend and mineral type. These are formulated specifically to withstand frequent RPM changes. Racemax engine oil also provides superior wet-clutch performance. Additionally, the motorcycle engine oil comes in 5 different grades.

GoMechanic Racemax Engine Oils also ensures excellent protection against corrosion with no compromise in lubricating properties.

GoMechanic Mileage

GoMechanic Range of High-Performance Engine Oils

The perfect solution for the smooth performance of your car; GoMechanic range of Mileage and Speed engine oils are perfectly suited for your car. Be it CNG, heavy-duty diesel and or petrol we’ve got it covered. Moving on the Mileage range consists of 3 different grades:

The engine oil justifies its name and promises excellent mileage in the long run. Infused with antioxidants, anti-foaming and anti-sludge additives, the engine oil prevents sludge deposit and keeps the engine clean. It also makes the regular oil change interval a little longer.

GoMechanic Speed

Onto the next side is the range of performance engine oil. The GoMechanic Speed engine oil ensures the engine runs at its maximum potential without breaking a sweat. This range also comprises 3 different grades:

GoMechanic Smartshift

GoMechanic Smartshift Gear Oils

Next in the line, we have Smartshift range of gear oils by GoMechanic. Gear Oils are essentially used to lubricate the transmission and the differential components. They lubricate all gears and bearings, ensuring they work within their operating limits. There are two major gear oils that we offer:

The GoMechanic Smartshift not only ensure smoother transmission but also provides seamless gearshifts. The Smartshift consists of a special high oil film that prevents rust formation making sure that the gearbox last’s long. The GoMechanic Smartshift gear oils are suited for all different types of manual and automatic transmissions.

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GoMechanic Brake Oils

GoMechanic Brake Oils

Abiding by the Department of Transportation certifications, GoMechanic offers two different types of brake oil:

The GoMechanic DOT 3 and DOT 4 brake fluids empower your hydraulic brakes and ensure lower response time. These fluids have an optimal viscosity quotient to give instant reaction upon pressing the brake pedal with minimal application of force.

GoMechanic Smartcool

GoMechanic Smartcool – Car Coolant

Introducing GoMechanic Smartcool; the perfect solution to keep your car’s engine and radiator cool. This Smartcool Coolant has a special glycol-based formula and has a concentration ratio of 1:3. The Smartcool comes with a 3-year manufacturer warranty and is also tested for 1 lakh km. GoMechanic offers two different coloured coolant concentrations:

The GoMechanic Smartcool coolant comes both in Red as well as Green concentrate and consists of anti-foaming and antifreeze agents that maintain the optimal temperature of the engine. This means that the Smartcool coolant has a high boiling point (115°C) and a low freezing point (-15°C).

GoMechanic Engine Flush and Radiator Flush

GoMechanic Engine Flush and Radiator Flush

To keep the engine and the radiator in excellent condition we ought to use engine and radiator flush. So, introducing the Engine Flush and the Radiator Flush from GoMechanic makes sure there is no dirt, sludge or metal chips remaining in the engine or the radiator. They ensure rapid and efficient cleaning and also verifies there is no harm done to the internal components. Under this category, we have two different products:

The Engine Flush chemically converts the impurities and make them soluble enough to flush out. The GoMechanic Radiator Flush is a special MEG water-based formula that has a special NoNa and NoS composition.

GoMechanic Wiper Blades 

GoMechanic Vision – Wiper Blades

Last but not the least, a very neglected safety essential of the car are the wiper blades. Used for cleaning dirt and sweeping away rainwater, the wiper blades are the most commonly renewed consumable spare part. But worry not GoMechanic offers two different kinds of wiper blades:

They are made up of graphite-coated Japanese Rubber and industrial-grade metal frames. Tested for 1 lakh cycles and having n+1 pressure points, both Vision Plus and Vision Pro come with an unbeatable warranty of 6-months. Not to forget, with certain service with GoMechanic we offer free wiper replacement.

Why choose GoMechanic Genuine Spares?

To conclude we can say that keeping in mind the current needs of the Indian Automobile market in mind, GoMechanic products are all of the industrial-grade and abide by various quality certifications. These products have proven to be the most cost-efficient in their respective brackets. With all these private label products, GoMechanic tries to solve the major issue of car services and that is to find genuine quality spare parts on time.

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