The black rubbery thing that keeps the vehicle grounded on the road is the Tyre. Undoubtedly, it is one of the essential components of a car. Be it an EV or a gasoline-powered vehicle, everything on the road needs a tyre. That said, the market is loaded with various types, sizes and brands of tyres. This makes the tyre buying experience a little confusing.

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New Car Tyres
  • Which tyre to buy?
  • What is the best tyre for my car?
  • Which tyre size will be the best for your vehicle?
  • Does tyre quality matter?

So, to loosen up the things, today we discuss the tips on how to choose the right tyre for your vehicle. Let us begin!

Choosing a tyre can be a hassle with all the numbers and alphabets going haywire. So, here is everything you need to get started. To choose a tyre, it’s best to follow a checklist. And this is how it proceeds.

  • Tyre Type

    The Gold flake Rims
    Types of Tyres

    In the market, there are majorly 2 types of tyres. It’s clear as soon as you read the name, tube tyre and a tubeless tyre.

    • It is usually recommended to go for the tubeless one as it is 5x easier to fix (a puncture).
    • Also, they are the alloy wheels that work the best with a tubeless tyre.
    • But if your vehicle has a steel rim and it is doomed (is bent). Going for the tyre with a tube will save you some cash.
  • Tyre Size

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    Choose Wisely | Tyre Size

    Cars running on the road possess tyres of different sizes. Though the numbering mechanism is universal, different carmakers tend to equip their cars with different tyre size. We’ll not be diving into the detail. Refer here to know more about everything `about the tyre.

    • Bifurcation of a Tyre Size includes Rim Diameter, Tread Width, and Aspect Ratio.
      Coming back to tyre size, we’d suggest going for the tyre with the dimensions recommended by the manufacturer.
    • This is if you don’t want to tamper with the dynamics of the vehicles.
    • Majority of the times, the car owners go for a wider section of a tyre. Sure, this enhances the stance of the vehicle and increases the contact patch of the tyre.
    • This results in a better grip (at time exceeding the approved grip) from the tyre. But this comes with a cost of decreased fuel efficiency.
    • But remember, if you go with a super-wide tyre, it will hamper the dynamics of the vehicle in a really negative way.
    • For instance, the steering might become heavy. Also, it can damage the suspension and steering system by putting unnecessary load on them. Let me save you the hassle.

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  • Tread Pattern

    Tyre Tread Pattern
    Tyre Tread Pattern

    Tyres are all about variety. So, without any doubt, the tread patterns are also of various types. So, choose wisely. Okay, to keep you up to date, tyre treads are the groves and the crevices that displaces the water away from the tyre. Well, this reduces the risk of aquaplaning. Meaning? the car will stay in control on wet or waterlogged roads. So here are the various types of treads:

    • Directional Tread

      Unidirectional or directional treads are referred to a specific tyre set. This includes, a tyre with a directional tread can displace water only when rotated in a specific direction.

    • Asymmetrical Tread

      Usually, sports cars come with the asymmetrical tyre as they fall somewhere in the middle ground for wet and dry roads. The tyre with this type of tread gets multiple tread patterns for the inner and the outer tyre.

      The inside of the tyre gets the treat to displace water. On the contrary, the outer side if for better cornering grip during prolonged corners.

    • Symmetrical

      This type of tyre tread is common in normal road cars or non-high performing vehicles. These set of tyres can be installed either way on any corner of the vehicle. These tyres are fairly cheap to manufacture and are long-lasting than any other tyre. Also, when compared to other tyres these are a little inferior in gripping the road.

  • Tyre Compound

    Car Tyres
    Car Tyres

    If you are not aware, the tyre compound is the quality of material used in its construction. Skimming through the surface, tyre compound varies with the use of the vehicle.

    Summer tyres are usually made of fairly soft tyre compound for added grip. Although in winters tyres, the compound is harder and the tyres have bigger blocks to grip the slow better. Also, they provide better traction in wet conditions.

  • Tyre Quality

    Tyre Condition affects the fuel mileage
    Tyre Condition affects the fuel mileage
    • Product Warranty

      Well, the warranty period says a ton about the quality of the tyre. And some manufacturer in the right mind will give a long warranty just to go in loss? A big no! But never the less, the tyre comes with a warranty gives a sense of security and a little peace of mind. Just remember to check and read all the clauses in the warranty statement.

    • Brand Reputation

      Before buying a tyre, we recommend you to visit some automotive forums and have a look at the brand-specific reviews. Also, we at GoMechanic offer tyres from various companies. All you have to do is download the app and book a tyre replacement service and we’ll give your car a set of new boots.

    • Manufacturing Date

      Buying a new tyre for your vehicle is not just restricted to the tyre compound the tread type. Additionally, you ought to look at the manufacturing date of the tyre. Why you may ask?

      Well, a car tyre is made up of rubber base compound and rubber does not last for long. A tyre sitting idle for a really long period becomes less elastic. Result? the overall grip of the vehicle is hampered.

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Your Driving Style and Purpose

Car Tyre Markings
Car Tyre Markings

In the end, when buying a new set of boots for your vehicle do not miss out on your driving style. For instance, if you do a lot of travelling be it on the hilly road or straight tarmac, it is recommended to get a summer or a fairly soft tyre compound. This type of tyre does not compromise on the grip and the drivability of the vehicle making the car predictable and also reduces the overall stopping distance.

On the contrary, if it is city driving you are after a harder compound could just be right. In stop and go traffic cars will not attain high speed and at those speeds, you’ll be aware of what exactly the car is doing.

There also are special tyres called slicks! let’s save this for some other day.

This was anything and everything on buying a new tyre for your car. To make things further convenient, all you have to do is install the GoMechanic app and tell us which tyre did you choose. We’ll get it done for you.

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