After the launch and revealing the prices, Kia Sonet created a rush among the Indian car buyers. Before the launch, the car was showcased at a closed event and we were quite surprised with what the car had on offer. You name it and voila, step inside the car, you’ll find it there. Well, no one expected the Sonet to come at the price at which it is launched. To check the prices, they are just a CLICK away.

In simple words, Kia is on fire, with the first surprising success of its first vehicle Seltos and now Sonet. Their attitude of not stoping is fairing a good deal for the company. For other carmakers, this also includes their parent car company Hyundai are sweating for sure. But why would they sweat? Let’s have a look.

Before diving further, let’s split the comparison into 3 parts, engine and transmission, features and aesthetics.

  1. Engine and Transmission

    Kia Sonet vs Rivals | Engine Comparison
    Kia Sonet vs Rivals | Engine Comparison

    The sub-compact SUVs in this segment offers more or less the same capacity of the engine through the power figures may change.

    • Most of the carmakers in this segment offer just one engine for petrol and diesel, well, Kia Sonet is the only one to have 2 engines for diesel as well as petrol. It’s the nearest cousin Hyundai Venue that is the closest to Sonet.

      Turbo Petrol Engine Specs

      Car/Model Kia Sonet Tata Nexon Mahindra XUV300 Hyundai Venue
      Engine 1.0-litre turbo petrol 1.2-litre turbo petrol 1.2-litre turbo petrol 1.0-litre turbo petrol
      No. of Cylinders 3 Three 3 3
      Power(ps@rpm) 120@6,000 120@5,500 116.6@5,000 120@6,000
      Torque(Nm@rpm) 172@1,500- 4,000 170@1,750-4,000 200@2,000-3,500 172@1,500- 4,000
      Transmission 6-iMT/7-DCT 6-MT/6-AMT 6-MT 6-MT/6-iMT/7-DCT
    • With TURBO PETROL engines gaining pace Kia Sonet gets 1.0-litre turbo petrol. Comparing the turbo petrol engine with the rivals reveal that it is the most powerful of the lot. Even the torque is delivered from as low as 1,500rpm. Talking about the transmission, Sonet offers everything for everyone. An iMT to get the best of both worlds and the 7-speed DCT for added oomph.

      Naturally Aspirated Petrol Engine Specs

      Car/Model Kia Sonet Ford Ecosport Maruti Suzuki Brezza Hyundai Venue
      Engine 1.2-litre petrol 1.5-litre petrol 1.5-litre petrol 1.2-litre petrol
      No. of Cylinders 4 3 4 4
      Power(ps@rpm) 83@6,300 122@6,500 104.6@6,000 83@6,300
      Torque(Nm@rpm) 115@4,200 149@4,500 138@4,400 115@4,200
      Transmission 5-MT 5-MT/6-AT 4-AT / 5-MT 5-MT
    • The department where the Kia Sonet might not have the edge on paper is the NATURALLY ASPIRATED engine. But what matters here is the price. The prices of Kia Sonet undercuts its rivals by a considerable margin. Sadly Maruti Suzuki is the only contender not to offer a diesel engine. Here is how Kia Sonet fairs in the diesel department.

      Diesel Engine Specs

      Car/Model Kia Sonet Ford Ecosport Tata Nexon Hyundai Venue
      Engine WGT/VGT 1.5-litre 1.5-litre 1.5-litre petrol 1.2-litre petrol
      No. of Cylinders 4 Four 4 4
      Power(ps@rpm) 100/115@4,000 100@3,750 110@4,000 100@4,000
      Torque(Nm@rpm) 240/250@1,500-2,750 215@1750-2500 260@1,500-2,750 240@1,500-2,750
      Transmission 6-MT/6-AT 5-MT 5-MT / 4-AT 6-MT
    • Unlike its competition, Kia Sonet comes with two DIESEL engines. Both of the engines are 1.5-litre but it is the turbo that is different. The engine with low power output comes with WGT and gets an only option of 6-speed manual transmission. Whereas the powerful engine gets a VGT that is mated to a 6-speed Torque converter. Engine with VGT and a 6-speed Auto is the one straight out of its elder brother Seltos.

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  2. Features In and Out

    Kia Sonet and Seltos Features Comparison
    Kia Sonet and Seltos Features Comparison

    Indians just love features, whether they are of real use or just a gimmick. With that, Kia Sonet is no exception. Sonet gets all the bells and whistles one would ask for, maybe even more. Besides these are some features that Kia Sonet comes with.

    Safety Features (Base Trims)

    Car Model Kia Sonet Mahindra XUV300 Ford Ecosport Maruti Suzuki Brezza Tata Nexon Hyundai Venue
    Dual Airbags
    ABD with EBD
    Rear Parking sensors
    Rear Disc Brakes
    Hill Hold Control
    ISOFIX Child Seat Anchors
    Emergency Stop Signal

    Pretty common right? well, things start to change as we move up the variant lineup. The top-end trim has the features even more expensive cars crave to possess. Well, this is what it gets compared to its rivals.

    Comfort and Convenience Features (Top End Trim)

    Car Model Kia Sonet Mahindra XUV300 Ford Ecosport Maruti Suzuki Brezza Tata Nexon Hyundai Venue
    Infotainment System 10.25-inches 7-inches 9-inches 7-inches 7-inches 8-inches
    Smart Purifier
    Perfume Dispenser
    Electric Sunroof
    Cruise Control
    Smart Connectivity
    Ventilated Seats
    Wireless Charging
    ‘BOSE’ premium sound system
  3. Aesthetics

    1. Exterior

      Front Section
      Front Section

      This is where many of us could have different opinions. But, one has to agree Kia Sonet is surely a looker. The bold front tiger-nose grille, flaunted by the all-LED headlamps does provide that added robust appeal.
      Moving towards the side, this is where the things look the least interesting and there is nothing much going on. Walking towards the rear, the all-LED headlamps with a wide red stripe running through the boot gives the car its width.

    2. Interior

      Kia Sonet vs Tata Nexon vs Maruti Suzuki Vitara Brezza vs Hyundai Venue Interior
      Kia Sonet vs Tata Nexon vs Maruti Suzuki Vitara Brezza vs Hyundai Venue Interior

      Taking on the look on the inside, one will notice the work done to make it feel better and upmarket. Most of the materials used are of premium quality with attention to detail. So much so, that the wireless charger gets a dedicated A/C vent to cool your phone down while charging. You’ll be holding on to a chunky flat-bottom steering wheel that inspires confidence when driving enthusiastically.

For many, it comes down to the fact that is Kia Sonet a value for money? in short Yes! it is sure a great bang for your buck. Even the diesel engine coupled with a torque converter automatic transmission is straight from Kia Seltos. Kia Sonet will sure give its rivals a beating, this also includes the car on which it is based, Hydunai Venue. Kia Sonet promises a lot and the time will tell whether it was worth the hype or not.

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Do let us know was the Kia Sonet’s hype worth it? and why? what do you think about this subcompact SUV? tell us in the comment section below.

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