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Mahindra XUV700 VS MG Gloster Comparision

The MG Gloster has been around for some time now. While it competes in a segment higher than the one in which the XUV 700 will be placed, a buyer will surely consider these 2 when looking out for a full size 7 seater. Especially when the XUV 700 is going to be as feature-loaded as we are expecting it to be.

Here are a few points of comparison between the 2 SUVs:


The current price for the MG Gloster ranges from Rs.29.9-Rs.36.88 Lakh(ex-showroom). The upcoming Mahindra XUV is expected to be priced somewhere in the Rs.20-Rs.25 lakh range. This makes the XUV substantially more affordable than the MG Gloster.

Upcoming XUV700 banner
Mahindra XUV700


You might think that if there is such a huge price gap between these two, why is this comparison even being made, but features, features is where the XUV 700 really steps up and manages to crawl up to the league of the MG Gloster.

Both these cars are loaded with features anyone would expect in 2021. A massive panoramic sunroof,  electrically adjustable seats,  good road presence, and a slew of electronics. Where the XUV 700 steps up are the Autonomous Driving Features. The Gloster does get a level 1 Adaptive Cruise Control but at a very high cost. The XUV 700 will be offering the same (or even more) features at a much more affordable price point.

Key Features                                                            

XUV 700 Gloster
Personalized Safety Warning Auto Park Assist
Auto Booster Lamps Ventilated Seats
MG Gloster ADAS Features
MG Gloster


The XUV 700 is expected to be using the same engine options (2L Petrol and 2.2L Diesel) as the Thar, however, they will be tuned to produce more Power and Torque. It is also expected to get a mild-hybrid system like the Scorpio.

The MG Gloster has a 2L Diesel engine that produces 215HP and a massive 480nm Torque.

Engine Specs

  Mahindra XUV700 MG Gloster
Engine 2.0-Litre Stallion Petrol 2.0-Litre
Power 200bhp (expected) 215bhp
Torque TBA 480Nm
Transmission 6-speed AT/MT (Expected) 8-Speed AT

Value For Money

The most important decision-making point for the last. Considering the features offered and the price point at which it comes, the XUV 700 definitely seems to be a more Value For Money choice for anyone in the market for a full-size SUV. Both these cars are well built, we believe that the MG Gloster will be ahead in the luxury segment with all of the leather in the interior and more attention to detail.


We honestly say that both Gloster and XUV700 are some of the finest sets of wheels in town, you can’t go wrong with either. For someone who wants a bit more of a luxurious feel and plush leather interiors, the MG Gloster will be the go-to vehicle. For someone who wants a more value for money setting and also gets the best of features, the XUV700 will be an amazing buy!

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