From bulky old machines to modern and masculine roadsters, cars have come a really long way. And with the ever-changing consumer demand, there is always room for more. With crossovers already leading the way, people have started loving the fusion of contemporary styling and power-packed performances. No wonder, why the SUVs are ruling the sales chart.

With crossovers showcasing what innovation can achieve, people have started loving the fusion of contemporary styling and power-packed performances. No wonder, why SUVs are ruling the sales charts. And thanks to this sheer popularity of SUVs, Micro-SUVs has emerged as a new trend that is engulfing Indian consumers. But before determining how worthy these Micro-SUVs actually are, let’s have a deeper look into this curious trend of Micro-SUVs

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The Birth of Micro-SUVs in India

Tata HBX
The upcoming Tata HBX Micro SUV.
  • While there is no doubt that an SUV can deliver what a typical hatchback cannot, its sizable appearance and price might not strike a chord in everyone’s heart.
  • And this is the precise reason why automakers across the globe are trying to produce machines that cater to the highly demanded SUV looks while delivering much more practicality and affordability.
  • These are vehicles that are a testament to rapidly changing consumer expectations around the globe. Blending SUV looks, premium features and practical dimensions; these “Micro-SUVs/Urban SUVs/ Practical MUVs” have made a strong case for themselves, especially for a market like India.

Are They Worth Your Money?

Maruti Suzuki Ignis facelift | Upcoming cars in India
Maruti Suzuki Ignis facelift | Upcoming cars in India
  • The answer to this question isn’t a definitive one. Since all consumers have different expectations from the product they choose, Micro-SUVs much like any other segment of vehicle, can only be worth it if those expectations are met.
  • For consumers who are avid SUV lovers, and are in for rugged looks, higher ground clearance and SUV inspired design elements, Micro-SUVs seem to very well integrate the look and feel.
  • Another factor that the Micro-SUVs have in their favour is the fact that they offer a massive price advantage when compared to true-blue SUVs owing to the fact that they aren’t full-size SUVs.
  • Similarly, for consumers who live in metropolitans marked by constant traffic and parking chaos, these Micro-SUVs seem to a lesser evil, thanks to them being identical to hatches in terms of dimensions.
  • Finally, since Micro-SUVs isn’t a full-blown SUV, they do not bring in a high rated engine, and are more focused on the practicality aspect and thus offer better efficiency when compared to full-size SUVs in the market (The S-Presso is a perfect fit here).

The Future 

The Hyundai AX1 Micro-SUV spied alongside the Hyundai Creta // Credits: Rushlane
  • If we go half a decade back, “SUV inspiration” was more of a marketing gimmick, carried out on vehicles such as the Renault Kwid, Maruti Suzuki Ignis etc.
  • But fast forward to the current times, Micro-SUV isn’t just a marketing gimmick but an actual segment that has arisen based on consumer expectations. Automakers are not only making hatches look like SUVs, but are also powering them to perform like one.
  • Even seating capacity is now being catered to. Vehicles such as Renault Triber are offering a 7-seater experience under the 8 lakh bracket. Other noted players such as Tata and Hyundai are also prepping to launch vehicles such as the HBX and the AX1, making the segment more competitive.
  • To summarize, the future of the Micro-SUV segment surely looks bright. But with new players entering the scene, the success and failure of these vehicles is something we will know with time.
  • But solely based on the specs, the Micro-SUV segment does offer ample features, rugged looks and an SUV feel; everything for a price that doesn’t hurt the pocket of an average Indian consumer.

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