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Best Selling Cars In November 2022 | Car Sales Report

November 2022 has been one of the best months for car sales in India. With over 3,20,000 cars sold this month, many brands have reported double-digit YoY growth! As usual Maruti Suzuki has been the top-selling brand, followed by Hyundai and Tata. Here are the top-selling car brands in November 2022!

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  • Maruti Suzuki (1,32,395 Units)

As usual, Maruti tops this list of top-selling car brands in November 2022. With top-performing cars like the WagonR, Baleno, Swift, and Ertiga, Maruti has managed to sell 1.32 Lakh units in November 2022. The utility segment which consists of cars like the Brezza and the Grand Vitara sold over 32,000 units alone. This was the best-performing segment for Maruti this month.

Maruti Suzuki Grand Vitara
Maruti Suzuki Grand Vitara
  • Hyundai (48,003 Units)

At the second position in this list of top-selling car brands in November 2022 is Hyundai. The brand that gives the highest number of features in almost every segment is bound to rank high. Cars like the Creta, Venue, i20, and i10 Nios have led Hyundai to sell 48,003 units in November 2022.

Hyundai i20 N-Line
Hyundai i20 N-Line
  • Tata (46,037 Units)

Tata has been juggling between the second and third positions for a while now. Top-selling cars like the Nexon, Tiago, and Nexon EV have been driving up sales numbers! As compared to November 2021, Tata sales grew by a whopping 54.60%!

Tata Nexon Kaziranga Edition
Tata Nexon Kaziranga Edition
  • Mahindra (30,392 Units)

The XUV700 and the Scorpio N have really done wonders for Mahindra. The strong image that this brand has created in the SUV segment is commendable. With offerings like these, along with the Thar, Mahindra is a true SUV brand in India that offers proper 4×4 and AWD systems.

  • Kia (24,025 Units)

Kia India doesn’t have a big lineup, but almost every car sells well. The Sonet, Seltos, and the Carens, all three are in high demand and have long waiting periods. Kia is a sister brand to Hyundai and it also offers a lot of features. As compared to November 2021, Kia sales have grown by a massive 69%!

Kia Seltos X-Line
Kia Seltos X-Line
  • Toyota (11,765 Units)

Toyota is one of the few exceptions on this list of top-selling car brands in November 2022. With the number of cars on sale decreasing in the last 2 years, Toyota sales have also gone down. As compared to November 2021, Toyota sales have fallen by 9.47%. Moreover, Toyota currently offers only one affordable car, the Glanza. Toyota Fortuner

  • Honda (7,051 Units)

The next Japanese on this list of top-selling car brands in November 2022 is Honda. The Honda City is the ever-popular car that has been driving sales for this brand. Along with this, the Amaze and the City eHEV have also been selling in the sedan segment. Honda has plans of launching a compact SUV next year that will compete with the likes of the Creta.

Honda City
Honda City
  • Renault (6,330 Units)

Renault is one of those brands on this list of top-selling car brands in November 2022 that has been trying very hard for a very long. They have experimented with almost every segment, and have delivered some good products. Cars like the Koleos, Fluence, and the Duster were good cars coming in at not-so-good times. However, with the Kigerm Renault has almost fixed this. The Kiger has been a true savior for Renault in India and it is selling in good numbers.

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Renault Kiger
  • Skoda (4,433 Units)

The first European on this list of top-selling car brands in November 2022! Skoda sales have gone up by a massive 101% over November 2021! This is primarily because of the newly launched Kushaq and Slavia. These are gaining popularity and the 5-star safety rating has helped them even more. Apart from this, Octavia, Superb, and Kodiaq are also some of the best cars in their respective segments.

Skoda Slavia
Skoda Slavia
  • MG (4.079 units)

MG cars are excellent, however, some people still refrain from this brand because of its Chinese links and because of the fact that it is relatively new. Cars on sale include the Astor, Hector, Hector Plus, and the Gloster. All cars are strong contenders in their segments and offer very attractive features. The Hector is due for a facelift which will launch in India very soon.

MG Astor
MG Astor
  • Nissan (2,400 Units)

Nissan is another brand on this list of top-selling car brands in November 2022 that has fallen down in terms of sales figures. As compared to November 2021, sales for Nissan have fallen by 9.47%.

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Nissan Magnite
  • Volkswagen (1,935 Units)

Surprisingly, VW sales have also fallen down. With only 1,935 units sold in November 2022, VW has come down on this list of top-selling car brands in November 2022. The discontinuation of the Polo and the Vento may be the reason behind this. However, sales are expected to rise in the coming months through the Taigun and the Virtus.

Volkswagen Virtus
  • Jeep (894 Units)

The only American brand on this list of top-selling car brands in November 2022 (missing Ford) is Jeep! Jeep’s YoY sales have also fallen by 15% this month. Jeep has silently moved into the premium category and the sales figures are proof of this. However, Jeep plans on launching an affordable SUV in India very soon.

Jeep Meridian Exterior
Jeep Meridian
  • Citroen (825 Units)

Citroen launched the C3 in India with a lot of hope, however, the car is yet to gain popularity. Moreover, with competitors like the Tata Punch, the market is a tough one for the C3. Coming to the C5, it is again a very unique car that appeals to a very limited number of people. However, on this list of top-selling car brands in November 2022, Citroen has shown the highest growth! As compared to November 2021, sales are up by 1,468%!

Citroen C3
Sr. No. Brand  Nov ‘22 Sales YoY Growth (%)
1 Maruti Suzuki 1,32,395 20.66
2 Hyundai 48,003 29.73
3 Tata 46,037 54.60
4 Mahindra 30,392 56.19
5 Kia 24,025 69.02
6 Toyota 11,765 -9.52
7 Honda 7,051 29.21
8 Renault 6,330 25.30
9 Skoda 4,433 101.87
10 MG 4,079 64.41
11 Nissan 2,400 -9.47
12 Volkswagen 1,935 -29.09
13 Jeep 894 -15.02
14 Citroen 825 1486.54
Total 3,20,564 30.92


Here was a detailed report on the top-selling car brands in November 2022! What would you like to read next? Let us know in the comments below!

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