Every so often we spot a car feature that is unusual. But these things are more unconventional than most. We don’t see these features every day and in all cars. So, here are some features that break stereotypes.

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  1. Follow Me Home Headlamps

    Kia Seltos
    Follow Me Home Headlamps in Seltos

    This is pitched as a safety feature and is available in a lot of cars of the present. These headlamps switch themselves on once you kill the car engine or remotely open your vehicle. This means you will still have light even after you park the car. With follow me home headlamps, you won’t trip on something in the dark while you make your way. In India, we get this feature in Renault Triber, Hyundai Creta, Mahindra XUV300, Kia Seltos and other such cars.

  2. Sunglass Holder

    Sun Glass Holder
    Sun Glass Holder | Image Credits (1)

    A lot of cars come with this particular quirky feature. What does this interesting car feature do? It holds sunglasses. Well, no surprise there. The Sunglass Holder can be handy if you are the kind of person who wears sunglasses and would like to keep it unbroken, unscratched and in one piece.

  3. Car Welcome Light

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    Car Welcome Feature

    This feature is similar to Follow Me Home Lights. But they only work when you approach your car with the key fob. Welcome lighting can light your path towards the car. These lights illuminate the surrounding and make sure that you know where you are going. In some cars, the ORVMs also open. Like the follow me home light this too can make itself useful in the dark.

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  4. Tilt and Telescopic Steering

    Tilt and Telescopic Steering
    Tilt and Telescopic Steering

    This is another quirky car feature we are fond of. The tilt and telescopic steering let you change the height of the steering wheel according to your requirements. That is, you can move the wheel up, down or away to optimise your convenience while driving.

    A lot of cars come with tilt steering, that is you can change the height. Telescopic steering is not something we see in all cars.

  5. Remote Engine Start

    Annoying car features
    Keyless car entry fob | Image Credits: (1)

    It is pretty much what it sounds like. With this, you get to start the car, remotely. Press down the button on the keyfob and your car engine will be up and running in no time. Awesome isn’t it? Well, BMW takes the game a little further with a lot more function like controlling the movement of the car.

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  6. Cruise Control

    The History Of The Cruise Control Features In Modern Cars
    Cruise Control Features

    This feature has been around for a while now. If your car comes with cruise control, all you need to do is pick a speed and the system will make sure your car remains at the speed.

    Cruise control makes the long road trips on the highway a little less tiring. But this feature is not suitable for stop and go traffic of the city. Adaptive cruise control (ACC) uses sensors and cameras and is an upgraded version of this feature. However, in India, we don’t get to see a lot of cars with ACC.

  7. Parallel Park Assist

    Ford Endeavour Sport | Exterior
    Ford Endeavour Sport

    Now parking is a lot easier. You can parallel park your car without breaking a sweat. Cars like Ford Endeavour and MG Gloster comes with parallel park assist technology. All the driver need to worry about anything but selecting the gear (in an automatic gearbox). This feature will take charge of the steering wheel and will parallel park your car with the help of onboard sensors and cameras. Now, in the overcrowded city, the only problem left would be to find a semi-decent spot to park.

  8. Hands-Free Boot Access

    Hands Free Boot
    Hands-Free Boot

    Maruti Suzuki Ciaz has an Auto Trunk Opener where sensors automatically open the boot. You just have to slide your foot a little bit under the trunk. On the other hand, more than a hundred cars in India comes with a remote trunk opener. Hyundai Creta, Maruti Swift, Kia Seltos and many others have this feature. Both these features mean you don’t have to physically open the trunk anymore.

  9. Wi-Fi Hotspot

    MG Hector's Infotainment System
    MG Hector’s Infotainment System

    Jaguar XF is also a moving Wi-Fi hotspot if you have a SIM card. Since this car has a good antenna, it acts as a better conduit for internet connection compared to your phone. This means the passengers can work or watch Netflix on their devices using the 4G Wi-Fi from the car.

  10. Rain-Sensing Wind Shield Wipers

    Rain-Sensing Wipers
    Rain-Sensing Wipers | Image Credits (1)

    Hyundai i20, Ford Ecosport and various other cars come equipt with rain-sensing wipers. Sensors present behind the windshield detects rain and automatically switches on the wipers. But this infamous feature is worthless according to many. If you ask us, by not needing to manually turn on the windshield wipers we are one step closer to the lazy existence we all aspire to live.

These weird features could feel a bit overrated or downright useless to some. But we say; if these little titbits could make our lives easier in some small way or the other, then they definitely are worth trying out.

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