How many times you have seen a cab? Okay, how many times have you seen WagonR cab?

A Venn diagram of the answer to the two questions above would be one exciting site to behold.

The Maruti WagonR has been here for decades now. Moreover, a Maruti WagonR as a cab has somewhat served a similar timeframe. The point we’re trying to make here is that when it comes to cabs, the Maruti WagonR seems to be the favourite for many cab drivers.

So, what is the reason behind the WagonR becoming the ‘national taxi cab’ of India? Why do the passengers and the drivers prefer it alike? Well, it surely has some reasons behind that.

Let’s find out what those reasons are, and they better be good.

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  1. All Hail The CNG

    WagonR - The favourite Taxi
    WagonR – The favourite Taxi

    This might not be a very specific reason for the WagonR being the favourite cab car, but it surely shall be factored in.

    Most of the taxi drivers prefer the Maruti WagonR due to its lower running costs, because of CNG. Moreover, the company-fitted CNG offering from Maruti makes the WagonR an even better deal. So, why not?

  2. Value For Money? You bet!

    Value For Money: The Maruti WagonR
    Value For Money: The Maruti WagonR

    Maruti is synonymous with affordability. The Maruti WagonR is no different. The car has been ruling the roads since quite some time now and it definitely should.

    It’s the affordable pricing, the easy maintenance and a smooth and efficient ride that makes it a favourite among cab drivers.

  3. Spacious And Practical

    Maruti WagonR Interiors
    Maruti WagonR Interiors

    The Maruti WagonR has always been a car which offers a little ‘more’. The tall-boy design of the car which makes it stand out, also offers more headroom to he passengers inside.

    Maruti WagonR’s boot space stands at a massive 180 litres which makes it a best-in-class figure.

    A compact car with a spacious cabin. What else would a cab driver need for his ride?

  4. Low Maintenance Cost

    WagonR Engine
    WagonR Engine

    This again goes without saying. The Maruti WagonR is a car which gives you the best output in the lowest amount.

    The cost of maintaining a Maruti WagonR is comparatively lower, with many other cab-preferred cars, which makes it an easy choice. As it goes for any other car from Maruti Suzuki’s stable, so does it happen to be for the WagonR. One can easily get it mended at a repair shop.

    So a mid-day unforeseen breakdown doesn’t keep the WagonR cab driver waiting for the entire day.

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  5. Resale Value

    A Resale Value Worth It
    A Resale Value Worth It

    The Maruti Suzuki WagonR has been listed on the top sales chart various times since its launch. What it signifies is the fact that the demand for this vehicle isn’t going to die anytime soon.

    Since its first generation to this date, the Maruti WagonR has been selling like hotcakes. Hence, the resale value of the Wagonr isn’t going to hit a slump anytime soon. All the more sense to go for a WagonR cab. Isn’t it?

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  6. “Aggregators, Meet The WagonR Cab.”

    The Aggregator Boom | Source: Deccan Herald
    The Aggregator Boom | Source: Deccan Herald

    The way we use cabs has changed drastically in the last decade. There were days when getting a cab meant a ride to the airport or the railway station maybe. All in all, the frequency of cab usage wasn’t something extraordinary.

    Cut to today, thanks to the beloved cab aggregators of our country, cab services have become a necessity. From radio taxis to tapping on an app on our mobile phones, we’ve surely come a long way.

    This rise in frequency of cab usage meant that more people needed cabs, which meant more cabs, which meant more revenue. This entire pattern of change in the consumer behaviour might very well be the reason behind the WagonR cab coming into the scene.

  7. The Maruti Trust

    The Maruti Suzuki Trust
    The Maruti Suzuki Trust

    Didn’t we mention that? Well, it is somewhat obvious.

    The WagonR brand has been here for around two decades now. While the WagonR has a brand reputation for itself, the backing of Maruti Suzuki just expedites the trust factor it holds.

    This trust, confidence and reputation for a car brand is something unprecedented and hence has led to a huge demand for the Maruti WagonR and other vehicles.

The WagonR Cab: National Taxi of India?

The Maruti Suzuki WagonR is a car which gave a little ‘more’, as we mentioned above. The feeling of more translated into a brand that’s still alive in many hearts and souls around the country.

In these amazing years, the Maruti WagonR has gone through many different phases. While some might think that the ‘national taxi of India’ tag is a little uncool, we think it’s amazing.

So here’s to the car which has been ferrying around millions of people around the country, and here’s to the people driving that car- our cab drivers.

Here’s to the WagonR.
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