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2021 Toyota Land Cruiser, Things To Know

Around the globe, there are cars that are known more by their names rather than their company’s, Toyota Land Cruiser is among the top on that list. That said, this fully grown SUV has its own following. After all, this SUV is a part of the automotive market across the globe for more than 7 decades. That said, in 1951 the first land cruiser rolled off from the production line.

2022 Toyota Land Cruiser
2022 Toyota Land Cruiser

Now, after numerous updates and facelifts, the Japanese carmaker Toyota has again refreshed the cult. Recently the company has launched the 10th avatar of the Land Cruiser. The new full-size SUV gets the traditional boxy design coupled with the latest gadgets to make it a part of the 21st century. Well, the 2022 Toyota Land Cruiser offers a lot more than that. So, let’s have a detailed look at the unique things you should know about the new Land Cruiser.

  1. Powertrain and Drivetrain

    Toyota Land Cruiser Engine
    Toyota Land Cruiser Engine

    Going with the trend, the Land Cruiser will come with a couple of engine options, a diesel and petrol.

    • It is the petrol or the gasoline engine that is more powerful. Talking about it, the motor is a 3.5-litre turbo petrol V6. This machine produces a max power of 409hp and 650Nm of peak torque.
    • The more torque engine the diesel motor. This is a 3.3-litre V6 turbo diesel that is capable of generating 305hp of max power and 700Nm of peak torque.
    • Both the engine power all 4 wheels via a 10speed automatic transmission.
    • In addition to that, this Toyota also comes with a multi-terrain monitor that aids the driver to tackle serious off-road terrains.
  2. Exterior Design

    Toyota Land Cruiser ExteriorToyota Land Cruiser Exterior
    Toyota Land Cruiser Exterior

    The 2021 Land Cruiser borrows all the positive cues from the previous-gen Land Cruise. This means, the new Toyota Land Cruiser still has its legendary boxy Robust design. This is where the car gets an upper hand when it comes to offroading.

    • Moving on, the new SUV gets a bigger more prominent grille that grabs the most attention.
    • The subtle and elegant look is flaunted by the new square all Led headlights.
    • And the squared wheel arches flaunt the bold character of this SUV.

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  3. Interior Design

    2022 Toyota Land Cruiser Interior
    2022 Toyota Land Cruiser Interior

    When opening the door, you’ll notice that the new SUV gets a completely new and redesigned cabin.

    • Like the LC200, the new cabin in LC300 is even comfortable and luxurious than before.
    • Though a new launch, the 2021 Toyota Land Cruiser still get a conventional analogue speedometer and rpm gauge.
    • That said, the SUV still manages to get a small monochrome screen to display all the necessary information to the driver.
    • The new Land Cruise also get a 9-inch infotainment system, but we have an option of choosing between a 9-inch or a 12.3-inch option.
    • One of the unique features to arrive in the new 2021 Land Cruiser is the fingerprint authentication system.
      Toyota Land Cruiser Seating Configuration
      Toyota Land Cruiser Seating Configuration

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  4. The Off-Road Equipment

    Toyota Land Cruiser Off-Road Equipment
    Toyota Land Cruiser Off-Road Equipment

    Taking a dive straight into the technical bit, the new Land Cruiser share some of the qualities the older model possessed.

    • To begin with, the LC300 or the 2021 model comes with a 4WD system as standard.  With that, the SUV also boasts of three different types of differential locks. This surely comes in handy when stuck in a sticky situation.
    • Also mentioned earlier, the LC300 comes with a Multi-Terrain Select system. And this times around new modes like deep snow and auto have been incorporated.
    • Like the LC200, LC300 gets a similar approach angle of 32 degrees. And depending upon the variant, the maximum departure angle is about 26.5degrees.
    • Interestingly the SUV also get an underbelly camera to monitor the situation outside.
  5. Will it come to India?

    To begin with, we did have Toyota Land Cruiser available for purchase here in India. But after the implementation of the BS6 emissions, we lost a gem. In our option, Toyota may bring the land cruiser to India. Being a part of the elite SUVs group, earlier the asking price of the SUV was about ₹1.5 Crore (ex-showroom). And as per the trend, the price will likely go up.

let us know what do you think of the new 2021 Land Cruiser. Also, help us guess the expected price of the SUV if it launches in India.

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