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Types Of Car Cabin Filters And Why You Need Them

Much like our bodies, our vehicle to needs to breathe in the fresh air at all times. After all, you don’t want pollen, dust, dirt or outside pollution to infiltrate your cabin. This is where a cabin filter comes in. A crucial component that contributes to a refreshing and hygienic driving experience, Cabin Filters comes in various types and styles. Here is everything you need to know about them.

What is a Cabin Filter (HVAC Filter) and why do you need it?

Prana Air HEPA PM2.5 Car Cabin Filter
Car Cabin Filter // Image for Representation Only

Among various filters that exist in your vehicle, a cabin filter is a type of filter that is widely used in modern vehicles to ensure a clean flow of air inside the cabin. Most cabin air filters work by trapping particles from the air that may enter the cabin through the heating or air conditioning system. While sophisticated ones are capable enough to remove even odours, traditional ones too play their part well in blocking out particulate matter.

Thus, long story short, the purpose of the cabin air filters is to ensure the air inside your car cabin is clean. In absence of a quality cabin filter, you would probably have to deal with particulate matters such as smog, dust, exhaust gases, pollens etc. that would freely travel inside your cabin. If you happen to be a senior citizen or someone with breathing issues, a cabin filter can actually make a big difference.

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What are the various types of Cabin Filters?

Even though the job of each and every filter is similar, there still exist various types of cabin filters that have different pros and cons. 4 major types of filters include:

Particulate Filters


Particulate Air Filter

A particulate filter usually consists of a porous fibrous material, which acts as the primary filtration medium, which is usually a porous fibrous material. In terms of particulate filtration, it traps particles that are 0.3 microns or more. This means that a particulate cabin filter is the most basic or regular one, which does the job well, but does not remove ultra-fine particles.

Charcoal Filters


Carbon Air Filter

A charcoal filter is a more sophisticated filter than the regular particulate one. It comprises the usual porous material as the main filter along with an additional layer of charcoal that absorb microscopic contaminants in addition to particulates. With a charcoal cabin filter, even gaseous pollutants such as smoke and exhaust fumes can also be eliminated to an extent.

Activated Carbon Filter


Activated Charcoal Filter

An activated carbon air cabin filter too is made up of a regular filtration medium, but with an added layer of activated charcoal or carbon. This activated charcoal is a special type of carbon that possesses a higher absorption capacity with respect to gases. The activated charcoal layer thus absorbs even odour and fumes such as carbon monoxide in addition to exhaust gases and particulate matter. An activated charcoal filter is also capable of removing bacteria and other microorganisms.

Electrostatic Cabin Air Filter

Cabin Air Filter
Electrostatic Air Filter

The most sophisticated of them all, this type of filter uses a static charge to trap pollutants and particulate matters. As the air flows through the filter, layers of electrostatically charged fibres attract pollutants and tightly trap them. Electrostatic charges are also effective in removing odours, fumes, smoke as well as particulate substances.

The Bottom Line

While having an air filter is surely essential, choosing which one to use is totally a subjective choice. While Particulate filters are cheap, carbon and activated carbon filters can be three times more expensive. The choice, however, must be made depending upon various factors such as replacement cost, level of pollution around you and the purpose they serve. No matter which cabin filter you choose, make sure to grab one from the GoMechanic Spares, where you can be assured of top-notch quality every time.

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