Marshall McLuhan once said, “Technology is that which separates us from the Environment” and who knew that these words could someday these said words will become reality. With that said It might take time for certain technology to become affordable to the general masses with one such tech being in-car Air Purifiers.

Did you know- there are only 4 cars with Air Purifiers in India under Rs 30 Lakhs. Here are they!

  1. Hyundai Creta

    Cars with Air Purifiers
    Creta Armrest

    First, on the list of cars with air purifiers is the all-new 2020 Hyundai Creta is surely a pioneer of luxury and offers a much more premium version of what we call an air purifier system which has been built into the cabin design. This air-purification system houses in the front central armrest and can be controlled via the car’s massive 10.25-inch touchscreen infotainment system or through a smartphone the Hyundai’s Bluelink app.

    This system also displays the active air quality index of the cabin but Hyundai only offers this feature in the Hyundai Creta SX variant which comes with an automatic transmission.

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  2. Hyundai Venue 

    Cars with Air Purifiers
    Hyundai Venue

    Here’s another one from Hyundai the Venue which is also the company’s entry-level model in the compact SUV segment and is also the first in its segment to offer an air-purifying system as a stock option and not as an accessory. Hyundai offers this system in the SX(O) and SX+ which also happens to be the top-spec variants of the Venue. Surprisingly the air-purifier takes up the space of one of the cup-holders in the centre console and is also detachable from its port.

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  3. MG ZS EV

    Cars with Air Purifiers
    MG ZS EV

    Next up on the list of cars with air purifiers under Rs 30 lakhs is the MG’s second product and India’s first-ever premium compact fully electric vehicle the ZS EV. However, it does not offer any air purification system but comes equipped with PM 2.5 filter built into its air-conditioning unit. So for those of you who own it but still were unaware of this feature just turn on your car AC and experience the freshest air.

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  4. Kia Seltos

    Kia Seltos
    Kia Seltos

    Just to make things clear Hyundai’s sister brand Kia was the first carmaker to introduce India with the concept of the built-in air purifier and featured it in their first product for the domestic market the Seltos which also happens to be the King of Indian roads and also holds the title of the best selling compact SUV surpassing its one and only direct rival the Hyundai Creta which tops the list on the cars with air purifiers under Rs 30 lakhs.

    The smart air purifier on the Seltos comes integrated into its front armrest and also does the job of a perfume diffuser. This feature can either be controlled through the car’s touchscreen infotainment system or through the Kia app.

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  5. Hyundai Verna

    Hyundai Verna 2020 Front Fascia
    Hyundai Verna 2020 Front Fascia

    The last and the most latest which is rumoured to get an in-built air purifier is the upcoming next-gen Hyundai Verna. However, just like its brothers and sisters, Hyundai could reserve this feature to the top-spec variants only.

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