We suppose you might already have heard of the new rule under which the UP Police is now fining the people who have their surname or caste and you might be worried if you have already got your name printed on your car’s windshield or were about to do so. in today’s featured, we are going to discuss the very popular but critical practice of getting surnames and castes printed on a car windshield. Before starting, we would like to mention that this article is not meant to hurt any religious sentiments or personal preferences. This doesn’t reflect any personal opinion and different people might have different views regarding an issue or practice. We are definitely open to discussion! Let’s get started.

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Getting your surname or caste printed on your car’s windshield is a really common practise nowadays but should you really do it? Let’s have a look at some of the common reasons why people might do it.

  1. Gives a personal touch

    Defacing Car Windshield
    Defacing Car Windshield

    Your car is yours. You know that right? We don’t think there is a reason why you think other people on the road should know it too. Confused? Okay, we’ll simplify. By defacing their car’s windshield, people think that it adds a personal touch to the car and lets other people know that it is actually their car. Well, for personalisation, you have numerous other things that you can do to your beloved machine and to shout your vehicle out, social media is the best medium at present so why not use that?

  2. Portrays you as a powerful person

    Defacing car windshield

    Commonly, we see those castes written on the windshields which are found to be in the majority in a particular city or state. People think that if they belong to the majority, they are automatically the ones in power. The best advice here is to let the people who are actually in power be in power and have their special vehicles. Writing your caste doesn’t make your powerful anyhow.

  3. Let’s you get help easily

    Number Plate Violations India
    Number Plate Violations India

    Another (not so) good reason that people gave for defacing their car windshields is that they can get help easily if they are recognisable from a distance. Just imagine a situation where someone has met an accident. Would you really care about their caste before helping them out? If you will, you definitely need to work on your thoughts. On the other hand, if you are the one who has met an accident and no one is helping you because of such a lame reason, GoMechanic RSA is always here to help you out irrespective of any caste, creed or religion.

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These were the 3 major reasons why we think people prefer writing their castes or surnames on their cars thereby defacing car windshield. Now, let’s move on to the section where we tell you why defacing your car windshield is actually a very bad idea.

  1. Reduces Visibility

    Defacing Car Windshield
    Lucknow caste Challan

    Just have a look at this Omni and the amount of text it has written on the windshield. Imagine if you drive this car, wouldn’t the text hinder the visibility? It will, it definitely will. When you have loads of text written on the glass, be it anything, your caste, a motivational quote or anything, your visibility reduces. This can have negative effects on your driving and overall road behaviour.

  2. Encourages Road Rage

    Road rage is quite common nowadays. In the video above, you can see how the Fortuner owner escaped. We can’t judge the situation here because we haven’t seen the full incident but when you have your caste or religion written on the windshield, we don’t know why it gives people that powerful feeling which they let out on the roads in form of road rage. This might not always be the case but yes it definitely is the case in the majority of the incidents.

  3. Makes you look orthodox

    defacing car windshield
    Caste on taxi

    It’s 2020 or should I say it’s 2021. Are we really concerned about castes? We are not in the middle age anymore and I don’t think you want to portray yourself as a human from the past who still thinks all of us are not equal. It’s high time, we need to understand that we are Indians and represent one nation as a whole. I agree we are divided by religion or caste but that should always be used as a positive spirit rather than using it as a discriminatory factor.

  4. Can land you in legal trouble

    Defacing car windshield
    Caste challan | Credits

    The latest update is that the UP police has started issuing challans to those who have texts written over the windshields. If you have something like Jaat, Gurjar, Shatriya or anything like that written on your car’s windshield, you are liable to pay a challan. Just to remind you, you can’t even escape the police because they can anytime issue a digital challan which will include the fine for escaping the police also. Don’t try that, please!

These were our thoughts on why people have their castes or religions were written on their car’s windshield and why they should not indulge in defacing their car’s windshield. What are your thoughts on this practice which has been here in India for long now? Do you think challaning those people is fair enough? Well, such practices are already illegal under the Motor Vehicles Act and the police have also started issuing tickets to people violating the law now. Do let us know your thoughts in the comments section below!

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