A car is a complex machine that’s built from several different sophisticated components. All these work in unison to provide you with a hassle-free experience. Among some of the important components, is the engine oil that serves as the bloodline to your entire vehicle. GoMechanic’s Speed, Mileage and RaceMax range of engine oils ensure your cars’ engine remains in the best shape throughout. But no matter what kind of oil you choose, topping it up on time is the best way to ensure that everything remains good. But have you ever wondered what happens if you continue to run your vehicle with low engine oil? Well, we have the answer. 

  1. Causes Potentially Damaging Friction

    Low Oil/Oil Pressure Warning Light

    First things first, the primary job of your motor oil is to provide lubrication to your entire engine while it functions. Therefore, in absence of it, crucial components of your engine will undergo excessive friction, which can potentially lead to engine failure. Moreover, parts that undergo heavy momentum will take on excessive wear and tear in absence of any lubricating agent, thereby causing failures that you wouldn’t want to experience.

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  2. Reduces Fuel Efficiency

    Low Oil Means Low Mileage

    Another important function of your motor oil is to remove harmful deposits that build up on the inside of your engine to ensure efficient performance and optimum power. When you are low on oil, chances are that excessive deposits may build up inside your engine and clog the life out of it. This will have a negative impact on your engine’s overall efficiency and power output.

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  3. Causes Your Engine To Overheat

    Reason why your car is overheating
    Engine Overheat // Image only for representation

    While the radiator coolant is responsible for cooling off a majority of vehicle components, the engine oil too plays its part in cooling off parts that aren’t reached by the radiator coolant. These include several key components that are inside the engine. Therefore, when your vehicle is low on oil, it is highly likely that components within your engine would heat up causing irreparable and irreversible damage that you surely wouldn’t want.

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  4. Leads to Engine Rust and Corrosion

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    Apart from lubrication and cooling, motor oil also prevents rust and corrosion, by forming a layer of oil over crucial components of the engine. When this layer isn’t present, it is highly likely that your engine might get corroded with rust that can eat up your engine parts.

  5. Degrades Overall Performance

    Engine Temperature Dashboard Warning Light
    Decreased Engine Performance // Image only for representation

    When an ample amount of engine oil circulates within your vehicle’s engine, it creates a seal between the piston and the cylinder. Therefore, when there’s a dearth of engine oil, this seal is broken, leading to a substantial reduction in optimum performance.

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  6. Reduces Engine Health

    Low Engine Power and Health // Only for representation

    An engine that goes through a lack of motor oil, isn’t the healthiest engine out there. Since engine oil is the bloodline of your vehicle, and improper supply will surely lead to deterioration of your engine’s health. With compromised friction and cooling your engine will take on damage faster, rendering your engine useless sooner or later.

  7. Your Engine will Die

    Complete Engine Failure // Image for representation only

    Ignoring all the potential damage that can be caused, if you still chose to drive your vehicle that’s low on oil, then chances are that your engine will die. Yes, your read that right. Choosing to ignore the crucial functions that an engine oil performs, an engine low on oil will go through abuse that cannot be reversed. In no time, your entire engine will give up due to any of the above-mentioned reasons, rendering your entire vehicle a piece of junk.

    So these were the 7 hazards of driving with low motor oil. Now that you know the drawbacks, we recommend that replace your engine oil regularly. And when you do, make sure to pick Racemax, Mileage or Speed that are the best engine oils from the GoMechanic Spares website. With GoMechanic Spares, you can be assured of premium quality spares that are tailor-made to perfectly complement the vehicle of your choice.

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